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Wednesday, 22 May 2019


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Since we are still full members of the EU, perhaps a more robust government could dock the money from our contribution since the EU is clearly acting in bad faith.
But we do need an actual government for that!

What you continually refuse to see, David, is that your leaders, such as the are, cannot allow a 'no deal' Brexit. Listen closely and you will hear the pitter-patter of little referendum feet.

Quite so, Pat, but when and from where?

As so often, Bob, I fail to understand your point but do try again!

"her glue-like determination to hang on in there has one great advantage - it moves us closer to the 'No Deal' option"

Not from Blighty's end it doesn't. Parliament won't instigate it, and the majority of peeps are pro-Remain now in all the polls.

A No-Dealer Tory as PM will get nothing through parliament - even less votes for whatever he / she proposes than Teflon, AND split the Tory party, AND trigger another election. That will yield another hung-ish parliament with no majority for anything. And so it goes on.

If Teflon couldn't do it with a central position, then it was not doable.

Whether Blighty does Brexit or not will be decided by, irony of ironies, the EU, and in particular, Macron!

If the EU elections throw up a threateningly right-wing nationalist coalition that seriously challenges the status quo, then Macron will want the Brits and the Brexit party MEP's out, and the status quo supporters in Brussels will rally to him.

Then, just when you thought the irony couldn't get any more toe-curlingly intense, it will be the Jerries who decide!

Will the Krauts want to be outnumbered by a Macron-centric integrationist EU? Do they want to have to side with the neo-fascists to stem the integrationist tide? Do they want British demand for their automobiles throttled off by tariffs? Nah. Merkel for Remain.

Blighty's future decided by Frogs and Jerries - teed up by the very Brits who wanted to "take back control".



I'll make it plain, David: 'No deal' would destroy Britain's economy for some period of time and the powers that be, e.g. your business and investment classes and self-interested pols, will not stand for that. The most likely outcome of the Brexit farce is another referendum, since 'remain' now has a majority.

A "no deal" Brexit is the only option. Businesses will do what they always do- adapt. It is the pols and the bureaucrats tucked in their sinecures who are afraid to and probably don't know how to adapt.

Rumors have it that Mrs. May is closed up in her bunker? Seniors members I hear are asking to see her.

I do feel sorry for the Prime Minister. I'd have thrown my hands up and gone home a long time ago.

No, Bob, you have been listening to the 'hystericals' - again! There would undoubtedly be some problems and disruption but, you know, over the last 1,000-odd years we've had worse! And do try and remember that the alternative to Brexit is perpetual rule by 'Krauts' and 'Frenchies', neither of whom, I would guess, you would allow within spitting distance of "your shining city on the hill"!

Andra, waste not your pity on the wretched woman. Everyone 'up over here' knew at least a year ago that she would not succeed - except her! She is driven by lust for power but is steered by stupidity!

We'll see, y'all. And David, please mock Reagan whenever you're in the mood. I quite enjoy it.

I feel sorry for her too, Andra. I won't deny that a streak of British "support for the underdog" runs through my thoughts and feelings on the matter.

Even the Gaffer doesn't deny her courage and determination. He calls her "stupid", well, we'll see exactly what "stupid" really means if / when a No Dealer Tory takes the helm.


The facts: The Mps voted to have a referendum because they thought the stupid people would not turn up and vote leave. The Mps from the main parties then said they would honour the result and put it in their manifestos. The Mps then said that they would have the final decision on Brexit because the people are stupid. They never said the people who voted for them were stupid. What is needed now is a Cromwell. There is a case for overthrowing a government that ignores the people.

Bob, why would I mock Reagan? I admire the man!


Reagan's clumsy attempt comes from the Bible:

It was meant to be code to the Republican evangelical base, but he and his writers didn't actually know the correct wording, making it plain he was being disengenuous. Trump did something similar when, after claiming he "loves" the Bible, said "two Corinthians" to the crowd at Liberty University when it's "Second Corinthians", a mistake no one really into the Bible would make. In both cases the dog whistle was probably heard anyway. Really, you should read more Orwell.

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