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Friday, 24 May 2019


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There is a narrative that is almost sacrament when it comes to global climate doctrine. The "high priests" will not be questioned and neither will the narrative. Too much power and graft at stake to let wrong think get in the way.

Better than the legal arguments, God has caused it to snow somewhere today, thus confirming the whole hoax.

When I read this yesterday Bob guess who I immediately thought of?

Go ahead Bob - take a wild guess ...

Gosh, JK, the wisdom of yet another right wing blog. My cup runneth over! Just in case any of you haven't gotten it yet, what you think about AGW is virtually irrelevant. Steps are being taken and progress still exists in the world. But if all your complaining makes you feel better, please continue to have at it.

"Steps are being taken and progress still exists in the world."

Well Bob you got that right.


That's a step toward a better future too.

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