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Thursday, 09 May 2019


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Congratulations for the science theme today. And congratulation for quitting. You're right about harm reduction. Absolutists in any context are deluded. However, vaping isn't much better than smoking:

Tobacco use makes your brain grow more receptors for tobacco. So, the more you use the more you want; an effect you're familiar with. The cost of treating people who vape will eventually be a burden to everyone. It might be less than smoking, it might not be. Vaping is relatively new, so there are no long-term studies.

When chemists sell the kit for vaping, the ex-pipe-smoker in me raises an eyebrow!

The same sort of rock-apes now stick those tubes into their ugly mouths, make the same stupid grimaces, and carry on being a scourge on society.

At least smokers smell bad...

With your venture into science you may find Jo Nova's site worth the reading. She consistently tears the "warmanistas" a new fundamental orifice with their less than scientific proclamations.

And as I sit here in Melbourne, Oz, with the heater on and it pouring rain I could do with some "gerbil worming". Though I suspect that you would probably find it beach weather.

I never smoked so I don't get very excited on this issue.

A question?

Is "big tobacco" helping fund anti-valuing?

Politicians love "Big Tobacco". They miss no opportunity to rail against it, but lust after the cash it generates. And it has always generated loads of cash. My home state of North Carolina was the heart of tobacco country once upon a time. The leaf in different varieties can be grown from the coastline to the western mountains up to about 4000 feet. My home town, Winston-Salem, shares the name of two brands of cigarettes. We always said the hyphen was meant to be where Camel cigarettes should appear.

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