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Wednesday, 29 May 2019


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"Even so, all I can do is repeat the title of this post - "Who'd be a teacher?""

But there was no need to repeat the whole post. ;-)

(Replied to this one 'cos I reckon it's the one you should delete. :-))

Oh, there's three of them!

One Hell of an echo in here. :-)

Thank you, Frank, although to begin with I thought you were on the gin and tonics! Then I checked and saw that I had produced 'triplets', don't ask me how! I have given myself a detention!

What's worse, we have proof positive that teaching standards are actually getting worse. Poor old Mr. Jones may not have had all that much success with Duff père, but he did a lot better than whoever taught the next generation. Duff fils thinks that if you add up all the wasted losing votes in an election, and then take away the number you first thought of, you can say that they really won.

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