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Friday, 17 May 2019


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You might be modest enough to put it down to luck, but during that time you have exercised good judgement and been interested in the things that have made you into that rare thing: a person worth listening to.

Have a great day, DD, and long may you be here to entertain and inform us.


And many more in good health.

Congrats Gaffer.

You passed C-Company (the Gaffer got his "all clear" from the quacks this week) and reached 80 at the same time.

A double cause for celebration.

Plus, God willing, I get another decade of trolling into the bargain! ...

xox SoD

Happy birthday. Here's to the next 80 years. :-)

Duffers - 80 years bourne lightly I must say.

Have a happy day and greetings to the memsahib.

Very plsd to hear about the all clear. A rare SoD post that was a pleasure to read!!!

Happy birthday Duffers. 80 is a good innings but the ton is better. You would even get a letter from Chuck.

Well done that man.

80 not out..

Time to ask the Ump for a new guard...

Enjoy the day !

Congratulations and Celebrations, glade to hear the good news from SoD.

Happy Birthday dear Duffers. I would say that we are the lucky ones who get to read your thoughts. Thank you for you, and let's hope for many more years.

Well said David and congrats on the medical report! Your post was quite a good bit of introspection, especially for an Englishman.

Congratulations and many more years of trolling; a suitable substitute for an acting career.

Happy birthday, congratulations on making it with your sense of humour intact and many thanks for sharing it with us.

A very happy birthday, and wishes for many more!

Wishing you a very happy birthday Mr. Duff.
Love reading your posts and hope to do so for many years to come !

Congratulations Mr Duff. I am 83 in a few weeks time and I think what we share is the sheer good luck of living thru' the best period ever enjoyed by the English common man.

♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ Happy Birthday David! ♫♫♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Many happy returns. You'll get your telegram yet.

Youngster !


Remember - every day above ground is a good day!
Have a great day and many, many more.

Fabulous news, David!

By coincidence, my lovely sister is 77 today, and it's always a geat day in my family and now even better with your company!

Just saw this, David. I hope you had a very happy birthday!

I certainly did, Malcolm, and thank you for your Good Wishes.

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