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Monday, 10 June 2019


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An excellent article - thank you.

I loved the accusation of "racial insensitivity", as if the proper and polite way to deal with young black professionals is to turn a blind eye to their pilfering. While the racial grievance merchants remain in authority, we are guaranteed a criminal underclass

I so look forward to CNN's Don Lemon expounding on this! Perhaps he'll be inviting Jussie Smollet onto a discussion panel?

With maybe even MSNBC's Al Sharpton!

Better set my recording 'do flicker thingy' ...

I have been following this case on Legal Insurrection blog. The conduct of Oberlin and its students is the very worst in identity politics. The 11 million will be in addition to the damages phase coming this week. Academia needs to take note while they can.

Academia today is infested with administrators and staff like these people:

Not just the US either.

This sad story is why I have always been sceptical about funding university students who want a cushy life from my tax. Two years nationalservice should be compulsory before entering university.

Thanks for that link, Whiters, I read an earlier 'legalinsurrection' report on the case. It's bedtime 'over here' so I will try and work my way through that even longer report tomorrow.

Ah yes, Jimmy, National Service'! Can you imagine how some of the 'snow flakes' would cope with that these days?

As stated previously, my background is in science and engineering; however, in my latter career I specialised in quality and process efficiency. I understand that many universities are now suffering from a shortage of funds and that the majority of these specialise in the softer studies. In order to save them money I recommend that they merge subjects such as “Gender Studies”, “Black Culture Studies” and a myriad of others which I am sure you can name, under the generic name “Grievance Studies”. The saving in staff overheads would be immense with zero loss of quality.

An well. It's an ill wind.
At least the students will have learned something.

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