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Sunday, 30 June 2019


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David, thanks to your habit of name dropping books...I am currently reading "1066 and All That", written decades ago. Talking about 'high brow'! If I had read this book ages ago, it would have cut down on my school work by months and condensed history to a weekend. Live and learn!

Ah yes, Whiters, "1066 and All That", scholarship of the very highest order! However, I think your final phrase above should be 'live and giggle'.

David, you have just nudged me to find a book I read back in the sixties, when I was a budding surveyor!

Only the other day, I recalled some of the passages, and just couldn't remember the title , so began to worry!

One swift Google made it as clear as anything - it's 'The Honeywood File', and a fabulously funny way to understand building contracts! The sequel was 'The Honeywood settlement' - again, just as funny! Amazon, here we come!

Thank you a squillion times for 'the nudge'!

"a fabulously funny way to understand building contracts!"

Er, well, Scrobs, each to his own.


Reading my comment again, crass seems apropriate!

Must say though, that it was a seminal book 100 years ago, and required reading to reduce the boredom of small print, etc., to below average!

But I take your point, David!

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