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Thursday, 13 June 2019


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" stir the Whitehall sludge". Shaken, not stirred. Shaken hard, very hard.

At least Gove had the honesty to admit being a coker.

BoJo admitted it, then retracted it, and now refuses to answer the question ...

Never mind, so long as he splits the Brexit vote with Nige, job done.


SoD, your last humourless, crude and unintelligent comment has been deleted.


If that's bad, what on earth did they do in King Cnut's time?


You see, SoD, you can, if you try, produce a sharp, witty response which even makes your granite-faced Dad chuckle! Well done!

King Canut was entitled to rule while sitting upon the Sea without getting I have read?

My old Corporal used the phrase "That's a King Canute, that is" when confronted with an enormous, unsinkable, number two that someone had left blocking the barracks bog and stinking the place out. Unfortunately I was tasked with dealing with it.

"Why a King Canute, Corporal?" I asked, sensing I might have to seek out the company medic to have my sides stitched back together when the answer came.

"It's a turd so big it turns back the f****** tide when you flush the toilet".



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