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Tuesday, 25 June 2019


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Boing-Boing. Bonking for Britain.

Make a great election slogan

Boris may now be in the Edwin Edwards camp:
"The only way I can lose is if I'm caught in bed with either a dead girl or a live boy."

There is major work to be done.

I think British conservatives are in a similar situation to Nevertrumping Republicans before the last US election. We can focus on the character of the man; or we can focus on his ability, ambition, and principles. The former might be interesting gossip, but take it too seriously, and we will be saddled with something far worse come election time. Boris might fail to secure a clean Brexit for us, but at least he currently shows apparent desire for one. Hunt doesn't, and Corbyn certainly can't deliver. Boris falls short of Trump's promise, as he will not piss off the metropolitan elite too much. He is part of that liberal elite. They hate him because he is our best chance of freedom and sovereignty, and if he delivers on that he can Boing-Boing live on TV for all I care.

Let's just fast forward to an election, a referendum, or preferably both.

Then we can clear BoJo, Nige, and the rest of you lot off the shelf and press the reset button.


"Ah yes, "frit", now who first used that word in public discourse?"

Probably the fellow Mithaecus. 'Frit' comes from the Latin frigere of which word the meaning is "to fry" (or poach - in the means of cooking sense).

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