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Monday, 03 June 2019


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Not just the Greens that stop us from building dams and re-arranging our water resources. It is also a cause celebre for the Labor [the bastards can't even spell] Party.

One thing the lady omits is that the wettest parts of the country tend to be on a narrow coastal strip where the rivers flow generally east-west across this narrow strip. The only real exception is the Murray - Darling system which winds its way roughly across the country from its source on the western side of the Great Divide to its mouth in South Australia.

The Northern Territory has some pretty impressive rain falls and wet lands but have a look at a map of the country and see just how far that is from the major centres of population.

Having said all that we could do with some far sighted planning for a population which will grow from its current 22 million level in coming years.

Our worst enemies in productive and imaginative planning are the inner city late sipping, bearded [male and female] wankers who wouldn't know a goanna if it ran up their leg from a wetland and subscribe to the sacred Gaia myth.

Anyway have a look at a map of Oz showing the dry bits as opposed to the wet bits. Imagine if you like either the US or Europe in which around 80 percent of the area is desert.

Oh and read Dorothea McKellar's "I Love a Sunburnt Country"

Those kind of nitwits are found in every Western country. We have them heavily fetched up in California where they and the people they control are turning the state to a burnt cinder. Speaking of NZ, that fool woman who is still their PM must still be in charge? Even that far away those kinds of Lefty freaks find their way to power. I'll bet their kind are filling the streets of London today.

Whitewall is too correct, unfortunately.

A previous administration (guess which?) made changes to our 'inland waterways and navigable rivers act' so to ensure such rare species as the lesser rattle-headed copper moccasin and the odd duck could be fruitful and multiply as government studies insisted both the snake and the duck did before Christopher Columbus came around to screw things up.

And then comes around the winter of 2018-19 and 'Global Warming' changed its mind from "Permanent Drought in California!" and "Snow Will be But a Memory" and "Insufficient Crops Moisture to be the Norm in the Farmbelt" to whatever it is the Global Warming crowd says it is now.

All I know is, is that from about San Antonio Texas to my west, east to Georgia, from north of Nebraska and south to the Gulf of Mexico is now one big inland sea.

"How high's the water mama"? Three feet high and rising! Apologies to Johnny Cash.

David, stop that. We have enough of our own idiots without importing any more.Princess Jacinda is still here and is too busy jetting around the world making her "Captains calls" to busy herself in sorting out New Zealands problems.

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