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Monday, 17 June 2019


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and thus his famous quote:
"In order to avoid being called a flirt, she always yielded easily." -
Charles, Count Talleyrand

Say something famous and you are home free!

it is obvious that he will 'boing-boing' into No. 10

Gawd let's hope not, apparently "boing-boing" was the code word BoJo used in his office calendar at the Speccie for the "Cinq-a-Sept" slot. I wonder what Talleyrand used? Oh, "Cinq-a-Sept" I guess, silly me.

It's just so funny: There's me begging for Boing-Boing BoJo to win from weeks ago precisely because he will split the Brexit voters between the Tories and Brexit Party, lose the election, and a Lib-Lab pact will win. And, now there's the Brexiteers gradually realising they must persuade Boing-Boing BoJo to do a deal with Nige for precisely the same reason - or else it's Tory oblivion ...

Should've gone to D&N!

But being thick as a chair leg and blinded with Churchillian aspirations Boing-Boing BoJo is leading the charge to oblivion!

Too delish!


Jeez, did BoJo actually do any work at the Speccie or was the entire day signed out to "Boing-Boing"? ...

Cinq-a-sept? More like a Chinese 996 shagathon.


This made me smile:

Fortunately, I am in Oz at the moment so missing all the “fun”.

These TV debates between Tory leadership candidates are just vanity things for the media. No one cares. There is only one question that matters and that is what are they going to do about Brexit.

"This made me smile". Me too, 'Wiggers'!

Spot on targeting, BOE, you should have been a bomb aimer!

What I took from Mr. Vine is that Boris has a very well rehearsed highly disciplined act for after dinner speaking that goes down well with the hosts and doesn't require researching a new speech for every dinner, thus saving considerable time. The apparent chaos is, at least in this case, an act.
Let us hope he can put on a different act when it becomes appropriate.

Max Hastings at the Speccie knows what Blighty's got coming ...

I particularly like this ice cold reality belter ...

But there will be infinite historical curiosity about how the Tory parliamentary party could scramble to deliver Britain into the custody of a man whom few of its members would entrust with their wallet, handbag or spouse, save to secure a cabinet seat.

My emphasis.

And before he's even got the keys to number 10 he's already trailing personal life scandal carnage in his wake ...

It occurs to me that Boing-Boing BoJo desperately needs the no 10 job because he is for all intents and purposes homeless. The roofs over his head has for some time now been provided by sofa-surfing the flats of his increasingly disenchanted Boing-Boing totty trail, his morning alarm call to stir him from wine-stained sofa cushion and blanket a hopeful child's voice, "Hello, are you my Daddy?"

Boing-Boing BoJo the Hobo!

Stay tuned, because, I assure you, you ain't seen nuffing yet.


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