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Thursday, 06 June 2019


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More attempts by the Religious Left to rot the brains of young people. Like Lenin said, get them early. Climate, race, abortion and feminism. Sacraments of Global Leftism.

Queensland's snow likely blew up from Antarctica. Y'all remember Antarctica don'cha - that place where the climate scientists got their chartered ship stuck in the "melting" sea ice?

What else can you expect Duffers. At the moment Queensland has a Labor Gummint.

Given the recent hiding that Federal Labor got in the Queensland electorates the State Premier is caught in a cleft stick. It will be interesting to see if she steps on stage alongside El Bore and further alienates the working man she is supposed to represent.

Gore doesn't like mining and the Queensland electorate has just voted in a manner which supports a huge mining operation and thousands of jobs.

Petards and hoisting thereon springs to mind.

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