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Thursday, 06 June 2019


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I was going to wait until Bob chimed in to tell us what is really going on, but I recently read an excellent reflection from AG Barr to the effect that republics have fallen due to the actions of officials with praetorian guard attitudes. They should swing.

David, we agree you are often wrong. Also, there's no use trying to explain a political PR stunt to anyone who can believe Trump is a good president.

I would recommend that Christopher Steele doesn't take any walks in the fields like Dr David Kelly.

Bob, "a political PR stunt"!

You mean like the one that went so badly wrong for the dim Dems when they tried to stitch up Trump with a Russian collusion scam?

Gaffer, why would the Rooskies feed information, be it false or true, to Steele about Trump that would benefit Crooked Hillary and the Dems when the received wisdom (happy for you to unreceive that wisdom for me) is that Vlad's preference for US Prez was for Trump over Crooked Hillary and the Dems?

One explanation might be that the Rooskies knew that the Dems would swallow the information from Steele, duly corrupt, use the information nefariously, get found out and then be found wanting as to the veracity of the information (whether true or not: if true the Rooskies could make sure real evidence doesn't come out, if false the poor quality contacts of Steele would speak for themselves), with the resulting damage for Crooked Hillary and the Dems and benefit for Trump.

But are the Rooskie intelligence services really that clever? Their track record ain't that great, especially recently.

Another explanation is the Rooskies had no idea who the information might benefit or damage, whether true or false (in the the case of it being true so long as they could keep real proof of it hidden, as said), but the leaking of it via Steele would just screw up the US system good 'n' proper for years. Crooked Hillary and the Dems hoisted by their own petard for validly fingering Rooskie malice towards the US while at the same time trying to leverage it for their own purposes! The Don looking like a twit for wanting good relations with Vlad who has plainly demonstrated his malice towards the US!

Christopher Steele, the conduit, has done the US a huuuuge favour: Shown what a bunch of corrupt, thick, useless, clowns and arseholes the entire US political establishment is made of, and that some correction to this institutionalised malfeasance might be in order.

He's also distracted, or is about to distract big time, the world's "clowns and arseholes" gaze from Blighty's deserving pol class. Counter-intuitively this is a not a benefit to Blighty, on the basis that reform, change and improvement might be less likely with Blighty bumped off the gold medal podium place.

We do the clowns and arseholes act around here, alright?


General Flynn ret. fired his lawyers and has hired new ones.

(Speculation on my part but I think his 'strategy' was to wait out Mueller. AG Barr's 'investigations' may well have something to do with this. Keep eyes on this one David - probably make for a good post in, oh, around about two weeks would be my guess.)

The Russians would feed anyone information likely to cause.chaos and confusion. They would prefer the.weakest candidate to win, and would seek to further weaken that candidate.

Agreed Pat.

The GOP and Dems are both putting party before country. The Don by wanting relations with a foreign power that has only malice towards the US, and the Dems by attempting to gain partisan benefit from the very foreign power it deplores.

That makes it easy for even the dimmest foreign power's security services to cause chaos.

It makes US officials see only partisan politics in the actions of allies and conflate it with national interest. Like when an ally provides the US with intelligence with a reliability rating, no thanks, no national interest consideration, no veracity consideration, just "How will it benefit my party?". A well-meaning ally thereby confers chaos unwittingly.

And while on the subject: Putting party before country, who else would be stupid enough to do that in these dangerous times, eh?

Oh. Yes.

The gold and silver participants standing proudly on the global "C&A" winners podium.


You're giving the Rooskies too much credit. The Mueller investigation was opened because of a tip from an Aussie diplomat. Here it is from a news source you trust:

Of course Papadopoulos is trying to spin too. An IG investigation is proper, but the spin around it is purely political.

I should have written "You're giving the Rooskies and Democrats too much credit."

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