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Wednesday, 12 June 2019


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"Mind you, what she said to him in private can only be guessed at!"

"Michael, there's no way you can bluff and clown your way out of this like Boris. You are, despite us both being part of the metropolitan elite with a history of drug use, perceived as being an unlovable nerd. Best act the straight man who is very sorry for past infrequent indiscretions. I'll do my best with a "family values" type article in the Mail. At least suburban and rural types might believe some of it. Hopefully, when the book comes out with all the rest of the shit about both of us, we'll be in number 10 and it will be no more than an embarrassment. Now, straighten your tie, and practice saying you're sorry to the mirror. We've got a dinner party tonight, and I've warned all concerned to keep it clean for once..."

'W', you are a very naughty boy and you will immediately go on the naughty step, er, but first blow your nose!

She also said he passed his driving test on the seventh try. Perhaps he took that test before he met his dealer?

He is a strange chap though (IMO!)

'Ay oop', Yorkshire lass, and welcome to D&N. Yes, he is somewhat of an oddity but then intelligent people with high intelligence often are. Perhaps it's better to be a 'thickoe' like me!

The lads would probably give him a seeing too at the back of the NAFFI.

Will he ever be allowed into the US of A?
Or even Orstrilier?

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