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Wednesday, 12 June 2019


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I think if you only use your computer to play CDs, DVDs and the like, then it's nothing to do with the BBC. It's only their business if you watch live or use iPlayer.

You are occasionally mysterious. Why's chucking custard tarts better than chucking milk shakes?

It's called the 'splat factor', Bob!

Custard tarts? Why do I favour the French preference for paving slabs?

Ahoy Bob!

You being our sole "scientist" your analysis of Washington Nationals announcer F.P. Santangel stating during Tuesday night's (11 June 2019) loss to the Chicago White Sox that "Global warming is contributing to the historic pace of home runs so far this season"?

I'm regretfully geographically mis-placed Bob to adjudge that. You being nearer Chicago I figure you better placed.

Oh and David, Fellow D&N Readers - as I expect Bob is going to try to muddle our minds with a bunch of graphs:

I submit - some geometry is easier than is other geometry.


Nah, no graphs. Mr. Santangel seems to be under the impression having more energy in the atmosphere means it can be transferred to baseballs in flight. Better training and statistical anomalies have more to do with it.

Btw, Comiskey Park was a toilet when I went to ball games in Chi Town so, even though technically a south sider, I became a Cubs and Wrigley Field fan.

Throwing material.
Somewhere in his history he has had a bad experience with tarts.

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