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Wednesday, 26 June 2019


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in my opinion, there are only 3 options to resolve the mess our leaders have made.

1. Revoke and remain.
2. Leave with Mrs May's deal.
3. Leave with no deal.

I would go for Option No 3, but somehow I doubt they will.


You'll get your 3 choices soon enough ...

So long as BoJo wins the Tory leadership contest. The Lib-Lab Pact / Government of national unity will form with a non-Jezza PM for 6 months, vote of no confidence in BoJo, get the referendum done, and then an election with Jezza as Labour's leader.

Likeliest outcome is Remain and a Lib-Lab pact lead by Jezza. Not great, but the rebound in the economy of a Remain decision, the EU rules and regs, the Lib-Dems, and Dave Cam's painstakingly made £100bn deficit reduction will more than mitigate and absorb the shock.

The Tories and will be crucified for at least two terms and the BP will disappear, a la UKIP.


Leaving without a seperate deal is actually still a deal as WTO rules would apply. Of course the EU Mafia could cause a war by denying WTO rules to the UK. The EU by its corrupt nature will eventually collapse. Hopefully soon.

Brexiters' faith in autonomous trade is puzzling. Why do you think other countries will deal with you the same as they will huge trading blocks? Globalization is all about economies of scale.

Only way to do Brexit is Singapore style: Multi Market (accept everyone's standards, label the products and services and let the punters choose) and Zero tariffs.

Best deal going, and requires no negotiation.

The only way to survive and thrive in a world of Single Market blocks - go one better.

But do I, did I, and will I ever believe the statist, collectivist, authoritarian Brits will ever touch this globalised Thatcherism solution with a bargepole? No.

So blocks it is. "Blocks to Brexit" you might say.


Dear Bob! Trade is mutually beneficial to all nations but should not be intended to benefit politicians especially politicians who dictate terms for their own personal interest.


There is a new backstop in town. It's called the Brexit Party. If the next PM fails to get us out of Europe - or at least set in motion the mechanism to get us out - by October 31st, the Conservative Party will become history and the Brexit Party will pick up the baton.

For all his faults, Boris knows this.


The trouble with forecasting what will happen is that our rulers think we normal people are idiots and we normal people know that they ARE idiots. Typically, Johnson and Hunt are spraying money around, altho' we all know we haven't got any. Do they think we are idiots? Of course they do.....

HELP!!! Good grief, Charlie Brown, I am in serious trouble - I actually agree with 'SoD'!

Just recently I suggested that our economic model should be Singapore. A small, not to say, exceedingly tiny, country that is also exceedingly wealthy. Due, in no small part, to their first leader, Lee Kuan Yew, under whose premiership I was privileged to be a close observer because I was stationed there in the army. The only British politician to even get close to his philosophy of government was 'that woman', and eventually she was buried by the Westminster sludge!

Worth ten minutes of your time to read.

"We fought a gentlemanly campaign but the establishment and the media thought me the safer pair of hands on Brexit. And that still counted even with Tory activists."

I sense that this might be the root of the problem. Asking for freedom is barely gentleman like. The mold needs breaking. "Shaken not stirred".

Gentlemen, Singapore is part of the ASEAN trade bloc (sorry about the wrong word above):

Glesga, who do you imagine will negotiate trade deals if not the government which, at least to some extent, represents all interests of the UK? Do you think bankers or CEOs would be more fair?

Bob, that question from you was surprisingly unexpected. The British Government is the answer.

An excellent summary of the EU problem and Brexit:

Glesga, doesn't the British government negotiate with the EU governing bodies on your behalf now? And doesn't the EU then negotiate with the rest of the world on your behalf? The EU has a human development index as high as any in the world and accounts for about 25% of world GDP.

Bob, The British voted to leave the EU. Where there is good will the British can negotiate with all nations without the EU being involved.
We are an old trading nation and have the expertise to negotiate with anyone. The EU are becoming a dangerous expansionist body with their proposal to form an EU army. We did not give up an Empire just to be part of another.

Glesga, I better understand your concerns now, but doubt Britain will be able to do much negotiating without the EU involved; if not as a partner than as a competitor.

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