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Thursday, 13 June 2019


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David, as far as the BBC (and their ilk) is concerned, it's different when 'they' say it. Because well don't ask.

Would it improve her looks? Nah. It'd take more than that. That girl's ugly to the bone!

Hey! I have standards, you know!


Battery Acid

The contrast with the Danny Baker incident is indeed very telling. Baker could have said anything he liked about the Royals. BBC comedians are always scathing about them, and nobody seems to mind. Baker was sacked for - apparently inadvertently - comparing a baby with one quarter African-American ancestry to an ape. That was perhaps an unfortunate error, but of course one that the BBC could never forgive.

People often point out that the Left hold the rest of us to impossibly unrealistic standards, and if we held them to the same standards then society would be unworkable. But it's simply not true. When we hold them to the same standards, nothing happens. Nobody even listens.

Would tipping battery acid over Ms. Brand improve her looks?

The short answer is "not bloody likely". What's that old saying about a silk purse and a sow's ear?

Have you ever noticed that most female [alleged] comediennes are plug ugly?

Not just the female ones either! The BBC specialises in smug left wingers - such as Hislop and Merton.

It's the "smug" that they find so satisfying.

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