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Sunday, 30 June 2019


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The NY Times hates the idea of Brexit Britain. The wrong people are for it I guess.

David, you worry too much. As long as your man campaigns like this, he'll be your next king:

If Boris gets in (and its still odds on) he will have no option but to get out by Halloween. Elsewise he will have betrayed his supporters, but retained all his enemies.

@ Whitewall, I find the reference to mutton amusing- I can't recall seeing any for sale at any time in my life. Lamb yes, mutton no.

Pat, mutton was an odd term I thought. My Dad, a WW2 vet, forbade the product from ever entering our home under any name. He would leave the room if the word was ever mentioned. Seems he was stuffed full of it every meal when he joined the army in 1942 and couldn't escape it even in the Pacific.

"Notice, of course, that the actual people of Europe who amongst other things pay for this non-stop bean fest have absolutely no say in the matter."

Apart from the fact that they elected the European Council and the European Parliament?

Are you out of your head?

In the same breath you urge BoJo on from the touchline knowing that you have absolutely no influence on whether he wins the Tory party leadership or not and as a result becomes Prime Minister, unless you become a Tory party member.

Blighty is effectively a one party state right now, with party members only choosing the top job of the executive of the country. Meanwhile, elected representatives in the executive and legislative bodies of the EU, all accountable to their states' citizens or European citizens as a whole, are choosing their executive chief. And yet in the warped remnants of what was once your mind, you think the EU is less democratic, representative, and accountable than Blighty.

Quite extraordinary.


Manners, SoD, manners!

The Berlin Wall fell. The EU will too. Britain needs to be well clear of the mess. Great Britain is just that. Europe is Europe.

Whitewall on a lighter note you should get the wife to purchase some flank mutton from the butcher to make a soup base. You simmer the mutton for a while the night before until it is tender and leave it overnight in a cool place. Next day trim of the the dripping from the pot. Take the mutton from the pot and leave aside for your Sunday sandwiches. Put your veg in with the stock and make your soup. You can use the dripping for a fry up. My Ma did this for years and so did my granny who was born 1875. Poor people's food and the best.

Jimmy, that does sound promising. Once in a while my wife and I slow roast a large leg of lamb in white wine, crushed rosemary and garlic salt. The entire thing is wrapped in foil and slow cooked. Some people use mint jelly on lamb but we are not fans of it.

If you happen by this part of North Carolina and see lambs on crutches grazing...

But, Whiters, they're all, men and beasts, legless in 'Glesgie'!

Aye David you are almost right. My Mrs took me out last night to see Gladys Knight at the Glasgow Consort Hall. This being a belated birthday present. Some of the sights mainly drunken women in the audience was a sight to behold.

Jimmy, I had to look up Gladys Knight and, according to Wiki, she has had an exceedingly busy life!

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