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Thursday, 13 June 2019


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They'll give a Nobel to anyone lately. Maybe you should submit a blog post for a prize in literature. I mean, Bob Dylan got one, right?

Back in the day, before he got a gig at the NYT he was very good. Now he just takes money for pushing the party line.

Would I buy a used car from him?

Well, no, not so much because he might be lying, as that he just would not know whether the damned ting would run or not, nor for how long.

Economists spew forth all manner of bull54it, and, like a lot of other stuff from our betters, we can see the bovine characteristics of the product. e.g. They tell us that there is nho inflation, when we old farts buy the same boring stuff at the grocery store every week. We pay with a debit card. We buy almost nothihng else that week, and can see on line that the total is higher each week. Yeah, sure, the numbers vary. There might be a special on some meat or other, so we fill up the deep freeze, but we can see the running numbers over the weeks, and we know, dammit, that we are paying more for groceries. So, when they realize that we are on to them, they start deleting fuel and food from the inflation computations. Whaaat? Other than some international trade price for wheat of coal, what measure of inflation matters?

Now, not being completely stupid, we peasants can understand that some things are more complex than they first appear. However, they are not THAT much more complex.

Speaking of which, this Saturday is the 638th anniversary of the Peasants' Revolt. "When Adam delved and Eve span, who was then the gentleman?" !!

Speaking of peasants revolt:
The jury did it.


I think he should keep his mouth shut.

Didn’t somebody say something along the lines of “Economists only exist to give astrologers a good name”?

It would seem that to listen / read his prognostications most assiduously -
And then bet the other way is the wisest course.
Mr Trump did not get elected by using the dead-tree press.

Hello, 'Doonie', 'whezzyabin' for the last God knows how long!

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