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Friday, 14 June 2019


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Just remind me, what's his poison again? Oh yes, smack-head. Opium in his gap year wasn't it?

Dad's Army is a broad church these days, no wonder it has youth appeal.

No acid-heads yet though, maybe I should put myself forward as a candidate?


Well. That explains much.

Might you SoD, lay off the LSD at least during the times you take to be placing "wisdom comments" on the subject of Brexit here on your dear ol' Dad's blogsite? It's hard enough for us former colonials trying, as we may, to follow along with y'alls ongoing tribulationating.

Shine is fine enough for ya as I 'spect near all of us has esperience triangulating between the lesser evolved English English and the more evolved American English whilst in our cups but hardly any of us has the recent experience sufficient to make proper negotiationings betwixt your's and Dad's (and BOE's from time to time) whilst you're chemically unbound.

I mean here I was thinking maybe you really did hail from the planet Zog and your Dad's and his Missus were just playin' along using Dad's er, well developed thespian skills to pretend you are from the same planetary system as the rest of us.

I'll do my best JK, but no promises.


Stewart is a remainer and has no chance. Boris is the only hope of the Tories honoring the referendum result. Boris and Trump are the team to take on the former Reds, China and Russia. The EU gin swiggers are not our friends.

Boris or Raab would do their best to honour the referendum result. Whether their best will be good enough given the composition of the parliamentary party and the commons is another question. Boris would win more votes outside of traditional conservatives.
But if they don't get it done soon, and to the satisfaction of leavers, the Brexit party will be organised, and a serious contender in a GE.
Labour should be worried, as their ambivalence has driven both leavers and remainers to go elsewhere. Plus the working class is waking up to the fact that Labour has abandoned them.

My guess, for what it's worth - 'nottalot'! - is that irrespective of who the next PM is, there will be an election before Xmas!

Pat, Tony Blair said there was no working class.

Rory Stewart is the establishment candidate to lead the Tory party and be appointed Prime Minister. Goodbye Brexit and goodbye the UK.

The establishment would have to be very stupid to engineer Rory Steward into the PMship.

That would split the Remain vote and maybe, oh forfend it God, give us a Jezza Farage coalition. Brexit and Marxism. No. No. No.

Let Smackhead Steward lose the race gracefully, and hold him in reserve. Then let the revolution devour it's children, BoJo next. BoJo is going to be epic, got a feeling in my water, I mean, seriously off the flippin' scale. Nothing we've seen so far will come close to the apocalytical buffoonery and national humiliation fast approaching.

A Marxist Remain via a Lib-Lab pact is the least worst option. BoJo will deliver it by splitting the Dad's Army vote with Nige.


Well SoD, the UK establishment are stupid!

Soros must be smiling smugly, sat inside his dormant volcano, softly stroking his white cat, as he follows this farce, knowing that his paid for pollys are doing just what he told them to, allegedly,


As I'm acutely aware of your (non)-love of rock & roll I expect you'll not be particularly moved to listen to the interview:

It was only the given quote that drew my attention, thinking you'd find it uhm, ... however you'd describe it:

"As if we didn't tour in Europe before the f***ing EU! If you want to be run by a mafia you do it! [The EU is] like being governed by FIFA!"

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