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Saturday, 08 June 2019


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We do not hear any complaints about chlorine washed people. In fact we encourage people to swim.

Two hundred and forty-ish years ago, a group of restless colonies fought their way to detach themselves from those who governed them. That was hard pulling. Those who were at the fore of the revolt and revolting were, in the end, not so good at the organizing and governing thing. Thirteen individual colonies made of of patriots, loyalists and just plain old "don't care leave me alone" types. Governing documents took a long time to write to the tolerable satisfaction of each new state. Ratification was spread out and factions remained. But it finally worked out. Factions still remain over the concept of size and scope of government. The kinds of people who desperately want to slither their way into positions of influence are still with us.

Great Britain can do it. The knowledge and means are there. Soon it will be time for a casting call.

The first few cartoons apply to Britain:

Terrific, Whiters, and I urge my readers to have a look - and have a laugh!

Our ruling class uses knowledge of European culture - language, food, wine, music, and art - to demonstrate their superiority over the proles. American culture is largely based on finding out what ordinary people want, and selling it to them.

Too much Americanisation, and the old mystique will be gone and people will start to think for themselves...

The chicken controversy is, no surprise, mostly about money:

Our health care system is superior to the NHS, but only for the wealthy or those lucky enough to land a job with one of the few companies that still offers a comprehensive plan. I write from the experience of finishing my career in the auto industry. When I started it was still unionized and the UAW had power to negotiate good benefits. As jobs were outsourced and the unions lost power, even my "Cadillac" health care plan got worse and worse. Coverage dropped every year while premiums went up. My wife often spent hours a week on the phone to straighten out wrong billings. And of course Americans are famous for paying more than any other country for prescription drugs. For example, a vial of insulin that cost $11 in the 1990's now costs around $300, long after research and production costs have been recovered. You'll be sorry if you let American companies gain majority control.

For especially you David. I'm aware you (sort of) like opera type stuff.

Excellent, JK, but how do you find the time to find the films?

Stumbling in staccato David.

Er, yeah, right, JK, whatever you say!

Free trade is 19th century old hat. Like riding around in a horse and carriage when everyone else is driving automobiles.

Single markets are the automobile of today. The US, China, and EU have them. You simply don't prosper as well in free trade as you do in a single market. Period.

The future for a non-member of any single market is a multi-market. This is where a state unilaterally applies the 4 freedoms of a single market to multiple foreign markets.

For example, the UK unilaterally applies the 4 freedoms to the EU and US, creating a multi-market with them. The following then applies: -

1. Both EU and US goods and services can be manufactured and operated in the UK to EU and US standards.

2. Products and services are clearly labeled so the consumers and buyers can choose the standard body they adhere to for goods and services.

3. All UK standards quangos are liquidated. Let the Yanks and Euros pay for working out the tolerances of grommets, wine, call centre health and safety, etc., proceeds go back to the tax payer.

4. All trade negotiators are sacked and their institutions liquidated, proceeds go back to the tax payer.

5. All US and EU citizens have freedom of movement to the UK.

6. All US and EU capital has freedom of movement to the UK.

7. Standards disputes that go legal are resolved via the US and EU arbitration and court systems, and UK judges, standards ombudsmen, court time, etc. sacked and liquidated, proceeds go back to the tax payer.

8. A meta-standards body is created that reviews and reports on the standards of all 180 states world-wide, politicians stand for adding / removing them from the multi-market, and UK citizens vote in the general elections to adopt or reject states from the multi-market.

9. To get started, from day one the following states will be in the multi-market and cannot be rejected except by a referendum: EU, US, Canada, NZ, Oz.

10. Anyone outside the multi-market is traded on WTO terms.


"You simply don't prosper as well in free trade as you do in a single market"

You mean, like Singapore?

For nearly all intents and purposes Singapore is a multi-market. It's certainly pushed free trade with the world beyond mere goods and services with vast immigration and freedom of movement in capital.

Compared to what Blighty's Brexiteers have in store, like pooping their pants as soon as the blue passport supplier contract went to Dutch-French contract winners, Singapore is light years ahead in advancements over Brexiteer notions of free trade. Then consider the rest of Blighty in the mix, Jezza et al.

You won't even get Brexiteer free trade past Westminster, let alone a Singapore style multimarket!

Best compromise? A single market with the EU.


10. The result of the 2016 referendum should be honoured.

Here's the stats ...

Singapore's population is a whopping 42% immigrants and foreign workers.

The US and Blighty, you know, those poor huddled masses of locals, "swamped", over-run, and desperately wall-building against Johnny foreigner, have 14.3% and 13.2% respectively.

And here's GDP per capita ...

IMF stats : -

Singapore $100k per annum
US $46k per annum
Blighty $45k per annum

Where's Emma Lazarus when you need her, eh, Malcolm!

Hehehe, liked that one too, keep 'em coming Malc me old mucker!


Correction: US GDP per capita is $62k per annum.

What a difference that extra 1.1% who made it over the wall compared to Blighty makes, eh?


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