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Monday, 10 June 2019


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Hear, hear, Gaffer!


Richard Dawkins the "evolutionary biologist". 'That' in the hands of the totalitarian Left will be just what the "Dr." ordered. Those who have sufficiently evolved will be qualified to vote? Dawkins is the originator of the term "meme" which now dominates the internet and passes for news in the form of repeated narrative to obtain power and control.

Crikey! Now I'm worried, 'SoD' actually agrees with me!

David, take that and run... to an early lunch!

It’s a metaphor.

Dawkins is something of a dork, but you of all people should understand poetic license. You're sounding a bit too defensive.

"Poetic" Bob?

Sorry, Bob, I rarely 'do' defensive!

Yes, JK, as in "characteristic of or befitting poetry". Dawkins knows molecules can't literally have emotions.

David, you sometimes 'do' a credible facsimile.

It's the actor in me, Darling!

Well Bob, it's in more the etymological sense I employ in deriving the implications of "common" phrases I see on (especially) blog comment threads.

Take the word 'poetic' for instance, that'd be of Greek origin unsurprisingly (and your talking Greek Bob, also unsurprising) but anyway one take from the word poetic would be 'creative' - I'll give Dawkins that.

'License' however as ought be apparent is derivative Latin - kudos to Cicero et al - but anyway license implies 'formal authorization' and so the question I have is who in the hell was so authorized to grant a guy like Dawkins to being fecundly foistrous in his artiness?

Hell Bob, none of Dawkins' stuff that I've read - three of his works just to your curiosity - even rhymes.


Ixnay on making fun of ankblay ersvay. Ya know Illiamway Akespeareshay used a lot of that.

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