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Tuesday, 11 June 2019


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You're not wrong. Providing they get us out of the EU, we can worry about character and statesmanship later. Churchill himself would do us little good if he was taking orders from Merkel and Juncker.

If Boris is all that plus a shameful self promoter...he may be perfect for the job. It took Professional career politicians to bring matters to the current impasse. Some of them were even well groomed.

BoJo and Nige will split the right-wing no-deal Brexit vote.

The Lib-Dems will suck the Remain vote out of Labour and the Tories.

Given that Brexit and Remain are split 50/50, and assuming the 50% Brexit is split evenly between Lab/Con/BP, then it's: -

Lib-Dem 50%
Lab 16.6%
Con 16.6%
BP 16.6%

The first-past-the-post system splits the Brexiteers and favours the Lib-Dems for once!

So the Lib-Dems win, but let's say not with a majority due to some Lab/Con Remainer loyalists refusing to switch from their parties in spite of their Brexit stance.

So her Maj asks the Lib/Dems to form a coalition government. Who are they going to bond with? It ain't gonna be the no-deal Tory and BP, is it?!

I reckon it's another Lib-Lab pact, the last one was in the 1970's and there's plenty of form from earlier on ...

So that means: Remain for sure, plus Marxism moderated by Lib-Dems.

I could just about tolerate that. The least worst of a very bad bunch.



For you

Thanks JK!

Question is, how shall we ...


"BoJo and Nige will split the right-wing no-deal Brexit vote."

You need to crank your perspective around by 180 degrees Lawrence. a Bojo and Nige coalition would be a far more likely scenario. Moreover, it would have the added advantage of keeping Agent Cob out of No 10... permanently!

The Tories won't agree a pre-election carve-up of constituencies. So they'll get wiped out in the first-past-the-post system with BoJo and Nige touting the same no-deal manifesto.

In the Lib-Lab pact, the Lib-Dems and EU single market rules and regulations will keep us from Jezza's worst excesses. In their five year tenure they'll probably burn through the painstaking deficit reduction made by poor old Dave and Teflon, but avoid unpopular tax hikes.

And even if Jezza does somehow manage to do his worst, at least I can use the most important of the four freedoms and far cough.

So BoJo is the Remainer's Tory leadership choice.

The Gaffer and I agree on something!


I think it is premature to make any predictions concerning pre-election carve ups of constituencies. Everything depends on who wins the leadership election and whether or not a genuine Brexit is delivered on October 31st. What you have to remember is that even though he isn't an MP, Farage is still easily the most influential politician in the country and that his role as kingmaker is still a very real one.

Also remember that based on the Peterborough by election results, the political right (Tories and Brexit Party) accounts for 50.3% of the vote against 43.2% which is the tally for the political left (Limp Dems plus Labour.) Also take note that these figures fail to take into account the suspiciously high postal vote (69.4%) plus the involvement of convicted vote rigger Tariq Mahmood in Labour's election campaign.

Finally, never underestimate necessity in politics. If Agent Cob even got a sniff of getting into No 10, I would put good money on the Tories and the Brexit Party joining forces to keep him out.

The potential problem for the Remainers is if Jezza goes for a referendum as a substantially firm policy in the Labour manifesto. That would split the left-wing Remainer vote.

So you could end up with 25% +- each for Lab/Lib/BP/Con.

The resulting weak coalition, whichever way it's cut, would be as fragile as the current one and unable to re-affirm membership or leave on No-deal.

Only a referendum will break the impasse now.


Labour's proposed motion today is quite incredible, I'm surprised more attention isn"t being given to it ...

If passed, it would cease the government from being the executive body and pass it to the legislative body i.e. parliament for as long as it remains on the statute books.

Having the executive and legislative bodies as one is the biggest democratic no-no from the age of Enlightenment it is possible to have. And you Muppets think the EU is undemocratic!

This transfers absolute power to 650 people. They could propose and vote on their own legislation. Expect MP's salaries, expenses, and all other privileges to grow exponentially. And why would MP's want it to end at the next election?

The EU would have huge problems with such an aberration of the principles of democracy. Consequently this dictatorship of the 650 would be happy to leave and thereby remove the last interference in its absolutism.

The "dictatorship of the majority" will have found full expression in reality. The dumbed down Brexiteer concept of democracy will be the constitution.

Interesting times.


Cohen sound like a Jewish name, is it true that they are the force behind Multiculturalism?

The force behind "Multiculturalism" is the egalitarian Left. A sure way to bring suicide to a once vibrant culture.

This is truly fascinating ...

Has Brexit actually caused Blighty to stumble on the Brit equivalent of "Godel's Loophole", the gaping loophole in the US constitution discovered by Godel ? ...

Parliament now has a day, 25th of June, where it is the executive, as said above. And as explained by Nikki da Costa in that DT link, it's a blank cheque! The subject matter of the motion proposed by parliament on the 25th June can be anything to do with Brexit, to be decided by our new executive - parliament - as it chooses on the day.

That means parliament now has the flexibility to respond to anything the government puts forward as motions between now and then and constrain them, within the bounds of them being to do with Brexit.

But ...

(1) What if on the 25th an amendment is applied to say "And this exercise will be repeated in a month", then next month's adds the same amendment, etc. ad infinitum, and,

(2) Next month, an amendment is added that says the subject matter is NOT limited to Brexit!!!

Parliament has just achieved the ability to wipe government motions at will and propose its own - on a monthly basis forever!!!

Can this now be reversed at all? Even an election which establishes a working majority, the last monthly "parliament day motion" still stands, and can therefore wipe or amend any government motion(s) in the month before that might try to dispose of parliament's new found power.

That's proper non-linear Godel that is! I code that sort of stuff day-in-day-out to traverse data hierarchies.

See what you've done, you Numpties?! You tripped "SoD's Loophole" on the 23/6/2016 and broke Blighty's constitution!

Next up the US and Godel's loophole - go on Yankees, you know you want to!

Welcome to SoDor!!! ...


If you are getting flak you are near the target.

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