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Thursday, 27 June 2019


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There are two primary differences between today's Labour party and the Nazis.
The Nazis were honest enough to put their jew hatred in print, the Labour party are not- credit where credit is due, that is because many members and most voters disagree.
Secondly today's Labour party shows no attachment to country whatever, not even the preverted attachment shown by the Nazis.

I fail to understand why its OK to poke unpleasantness at Jews, who, as far as I know, just get on with their lives in this country, while the powers that be are allowing murdering Islam people to kill, rape and hurt English girls.

As lefties have a rather disparate agenda, I presume their bile is really about members of the Jewish faith being pretty good at whatever business they do here, whereas, an Arab needs some sort of support from the Brits!

Which seems improbable with all that oil etc, but as lefties only need a few whiffs of a 'rebellion' of sorts, they'll always take the easy optiion!

"I fail to understand why its OK to poke unpleasantness at Jews, who, as far as I know, just get on with their lives in this country, while the powers that be are allowing murdering Islam people to kill, rape and hurt English girls."

There are significantly more Muslim votes in the UK than there are Jewish votes. Impossible to court both.

The Russian TV Channel RT who are not all that friendly towards Israel have had Williamson on as a guest as well as a few ex minor Scottish politicians. I did note that the location where Williamson made his speech had Christian crosses on the walls. Perhaps it was a school hall. Some Jews would probably see the irony in this. It was Christians who trashed the Jews with some help from the Grand Mufti of Palestine. Never trust a politician who apologises for a speech made.
Alistair Campbell was attempting to undermine the democratic vote of the majority and deserved to be suspended. He and Williamson should be booted out.
I will remain in the Labour Party as I have a vote and a voice.
I am convinced that Corbyn and the Stalinist crew will eventually go and Labour will return to its rightful place representing the elderly, weak and poor. The Acts 21, Verse 35.

Is this pretty much on target:

@John Tee - Sadly you are correct, and doesn't postal voting help them in lots of places as well!

G'day Whitewall.

Yes it is right on target. The response to the treatment of Israel Folau, a fundamentalist Christian, has been enormous. In a matter of about three days his fund raising exercise hit the $AUD2,000,000 mark.

His sin was to post an instagram citing a passage from the New Testament regarding drunks, fornicators, gays and sundry others booking themselves an appointment with the Devil.

As a Jew I don't subscribe to the New Testament but I subscribe to his right to quote it so I, along with many others, donated to his fund.

It will be an interesting court case.

AussieD, I sense Australians are getting tired of being told what they can say or can't. Maybe this is a tipping point. It seems LGBT is a run away social perversion with the 'T' actually standing for Totalitarian.

The Labour Party is allied with the so-called Palestinians, so of course they are anti-semetic. The Palestinians are raised from birth to believe they are allowed to kill Jews. And Christians. And apostates. And naughty women. And people who like cows. The list is nearly endless.

G'day Whitewall,

As a generality we are a pretty laid back mob and this has at times been misinterpreted as we will just go along with anything fed to us.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Eventually we say enough and a real shit fight ensues and people find out that stirring us up has detrimental results for them.

Like "the Donald's" win in the US the recent Federal Election here is a good example. Israel Folau's case is another in a long line of "incidents" stretching back into the 1800's that have stirred us up.

The LGBT issue would not have been one had people just adopted the attitude "That's his opinion. I don't agree but he is entitled to it"

I had "gay" people under my command and their sexuality was not an issue so long as they fulfilled their role efficiently. What they did off duty was not my business. They could have been bonking little green lizards for all I cared. Generally that is the prevailing attitude and it is not until something like Folau's case comes up that the hackles start to rise. In this case the Social Justice Warriors and the preaching Big Business moralists have bitten off more than they can chew.

AussieD, that is good to hear. As the new expression goes, "get woke go broke". And to think, a few years ago we were told that all these people wanted was "same sex marriage". It never is only about what they are selling at the moment. It is what comes next.

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