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Thursday, 06 June 2019


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"Mr. (Reg) Charles, who lives in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, arrived a few days after the glider invasion itself, but is the last surviving member of the unit. Today, he proudly saluted during a ceremony at the Pegasus Bridge Museum."

A nearby neighbor of yours David?

Excellent coverage by the Daily Mail.

Thank you David, (been out all day so far - dentist).

Tears to my eyes, seeing such bravery from these men at such a tender age - then and now.

Watched in awe, already having eschewed the commie ramblings of the terrorist sympathiser/appeaser corbyn who can now crawl to his grave, unloved and hated forever.

The D Day landings were a huge event, and thankfully, President Trump can see the hope we have, away from the politics of European lefties, spongers, layabouts and cheats, and we can move on with the sort of hope that the brave guys and gals had to deal with 75 years ago.

'merican slanted, but more really excellent photos here

Thanks, David, excellent!

Nice to know about Reg Charles, and I salute him, alas, the sense of distances varies enormously between UK and USA so alas, not quite a 'neighbour'!

I once had the pleasure of visiting the Pegasus bridge and seeing the little café that had survived the war and was then virtually a museum. It has reminded me that the commander of the Ox and Bucks Light Infantry, John Howard, who had captured the bridge using gliders, was joined later by Richard Todd from the Parachute Regt who had been dropped nearby. Much later, Todd, who had become a famous film star, played the part of Howard in the film "The Longest Day".

Thank you Duffers, wouldn't have seen that otherwise.

Hard indeed to read that dry eyed.

Thank goodness it was Trump and not O'bama.

A parting thought, half the men at least wouldn't have been allowed into today's Army, they'd be weeded out as being patriots.

Bit more international here:

Thanks, JK, an interesting collection.

Cousin of your's David?

Alas, no, JK, but I admire his chat-up technique!

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