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Sunday, 02 June 2019


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If we get our independence back we can sort out the details afterwords. Otherwise the EU will take that over leaving MPs to polish the green benches with their backsides and act as EU spokesmen. I suspect that it is dread of taking responsibility for their own proposals that motivates so many MPs to favour remain.

"Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." - Henry Kissinger

Trump expressing his opinion on our EU membership and Tory leadership is extremely salutary. The last time an American President did it (do you all remember that really cool black guy who was so able he won a Nobel prize before he'd actually done anything?) The media loved it. Something about being at the back of the queue, I seem to remember. When Trump does it, there is widespread outrage from the media, even though he is talking positively about deals with the USA. And he has made a few deals in his time, whereas the black guy was more a negotiator for state largesse being given to "his people".

Trump might of course just be a buffoon. On the other hand, he might be engaging in a little public stirring, aware that some might see something of the media hypocrisy involved.

No doubt the Donald would be better off talking less and listening more, but that applies to most of us. I do agree he probably upset many left wingers by sharing his opinion , but they were not who he was talking too. I often cringe at things he says, but it seems to work for him. He likes to stir things up, and as long as he is pissing off the right people have at it.
Luv the blog btw. Tho British politics are truly mystifying.

I assume, Keith, that you are not a subject of Her Maj and thus you find our politics "truly mystifying". All I can say is keep trying and if you work it out please let me know because I haven't a clue!

He was really into virgins and couldn't tolerate mingers ...

I've known blokes like that, bad strategy. They threw a good punch, blokes like that, what with their over-developed muscles in the lower right arm. A been-round-the-block-few-times minger is always safer ground, imho.

Consider it another example of lack of compromise, the surest downfall of any politician.

And what's wrong with Anne of C, anyway? She's hot. I would.


If The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan pbhn allows Trump in, maybe there will be a rip snorter Lefty freak show in the streets?

I think several are already planned, Whiters.

Oh goody!

And so the Kipperization of the Brexit Party begins, with, according to the Gaffer, "the country's favourite auntie" ...

Better hope you grab the controls of the train set soonish, coz once your bandwagon of IRA supporters, homophobes, neo-fascists and other assorted cranks and freaks really gets going, you'll be Kippered good 'n' proper.


Whitewall, the left have been bloodsucking the working class since the 1950s and the progressive Attlee Labour government. The left since then have been in the wilderness supporting all sorts of onerous regimes.

This pic made me ruminate on how the political interaction between peeps and pols has descended into the gloriously peurile over recent years ...

It's a sure sign of the gobshitery that derives from political strife, I mean, they've been at it in Dorset / Zummerzet from the year dot ...

... present organ included!


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