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Saturday, 15 June 2019


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David, you've picked up a couple of "spammers" in a couple of your previous postings below.

In general, if the law takes over politics then everything will become illegal or unlawful. Social and cultural paralysis. Those with the loudest voices will impose their ideas, covering everything, on the rest of society.

Thanks, Whiters, I think they have been eliminated!

The argument that political process should be more trusted along with less reliance on law seems a bit strained for a lot of reasons. They include a president with no respect for and near total ignorance of law and countless bad laws created only to serve questionable political ends. It's interesting nonetheless.

You might also try the BBC's 'In Our Time':

It covers a wide range of topics with knowledgeable guests. Melvyn Bragg can be a bit pompous, but an Englishman probably wouldn't notice.

Oooooooooooh! Bit bitchy, Bob!

David, Bob, an example of how y'all might settle y'alls dispute!

And just for yourself David.

As I recall David, you've featured the artist many and oft?

JK, very many thanks for that Rembrandt link which was superb.

If David ever looses a pig in my garden, if I ever have a garden, we shall have an old man pushing match! I'll show him bitchy!

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