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Tuesday, 04 June 2019


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This says it all about the real China of today, in spite of the superficial glitz of "good Communism".

Twitter accounts are blacked out for this anniversary.

He was undoubtedly brave, and the government was (is!) undoubtedly monstrous. But for me the power of this photo lies in the fact that this type of interaction would often happen during times of domestic repression or civil war. Both participants recognise something of themselves in the other. Shopping bag man is presumably appealing to the soldiers by reminding them that they share a culture and probably the same dreams, despite their military training. And the soldiers obviously see the truth in this, and don't react with hatred and violence. Human nature is always deeper than ideology and politics.

David, what does a Glesga drunk in George Square and a tank in Tiananmen Square have in common? Both could murder a Chinky!

30 years.

Thanks, Andra, must have been a disconnect between finger and brain - again!

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