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Sunday, 16 June 2019


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I seem to have missed something along the way.

A majority voted to leave the EU so why do you need some sort of deal to leave? Why not just a simple "So long Fritz-Michelle et al we're out of here". You owe Europe sweet f.a and expended enough blood to put the debt on them.

There is a big world out there that would be happy to trade with the UK. You got along fine before joining the EU and there is no reason why you should not do so again.

Aussie D, there are many Brits who are every bit as perplexed as you are. I suspect the answer is something to do with our political class being lying, corrupt and anti-democratic.

What 'Whyaxye' said. The Anglosphere is plagued with the same kind of political class. It may be necessary for history to repeat itself to dislodge them. Or they will use too much immigration to replace us.

Today we use the term "China" when the proper term is Communist China. They are still Communist. That descriptive is proper and carries meaning in spite of the recent glitz of Potemkin Villages.

Let's step through the immediate future between now and the Autumn.

Is BoJo (Girondins) going to simply call an election straightaway? If he doesn't, then what is he going to do between now and calling an election? He knows he can't get anything through parliament, as you've explained, the Marxists and Remainers (Mountain) won't let it through. Every attempt will sap his power, a la Teflon.

Could he even get a snap referendum through parliament? Imagine the interminable arguments about what would be on the ballot paper: No-deal, May's deal, Remain, renegotiate? What would be the rules for transfer voting to avoid no absolute majority for any option?

So given the Tories and Brexit Party (Girondins) would lose an election right now by splitting the right-wing vote, and any steps taken before an election would only weaken BoJo and make it worse, who on earth but a power-crazed idiot would want the top job right now?

BoJo is like a latter-day Danton, Robespierre, quite literally dancing his way cheerfully up the steps to the scaffold, waving to the crowd, the old spinsters ("Dad's Army's grannies") knitting in the front row tickled by his flipping over onto his back to watch the blade as it descends.

The ultimate winner in this Game of Thrones, Blighty's Bonaparte, will be one of the hangers-back. Keeps his hand in but let's the National Razor do it's work.

This person will have to time his metaphor ical "whiff of grapeshot" moment mighty carefully.

The wheel of revolutionary fate will move from the Girondins (Tories and BP) to the Mountain (Lib-Lab pact), and back to the Girondins, the two factions slaughtering each other as they go along, before any smart pol goes near the top job.

It's another great example of Bait and Bleed ...

... for the aspiring emperor who has the patience and discipline to fetter his own power urge in the moments it would be self-destructive to unleash, all will come in due course.

My money's still on Michael "The Bastard" Gove, of this Manor. A couple of years and a river of political blood down the line.


Oooh, look at Smack-head Stewart holding forth! ...

He wants to do a deal with Nige. Just stole a march on BoJo!

Aaah, look at his citizen assemblies running the country ...

50,000 people to be phoned to invite them to sort out Brexit, rather like citizen assemblies that dealt with the abortion issue.

He told the Andrew Marr Show earlier: "It would be like a jury selected very scientifically across the country, whittled down to be representative of the country as a whole" and then "make recommendations".

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't see no "citizens assemblies" "selected scientifically" in Blighty's Constitution since Magna Carta! ...

"Citizens assemblies", no less, comrade-citizens! To quote Whiters prophetically coined sound-bite, "Tumbril Times" indeed!

So he just stole a march on Jezza too!

Or maybe the time honoured phrase: "'e's makin' it up as 'e goes along!" is more appropriate ...


I think Guido has Master Stewart summed up:

"Guido feels Rory isn’t getting much critical scrutiny. People have heard things like he was in Afghanistan – as a civil servant. That he tutored the Royal princes – for 2 weeks and admits he had to be extracted from a secure safe room at Highgrove by axe-wielding security officers after he locked himself in one night. He did PPE at Oxford – and didn’t get a first. His name is not really Rory – it is Roderick. Someone who knows him well described his defining talent as the Old Etonian ability to “sound convincing without expertise”. He is not even doing that with his flip-flopping and frankly eccentrically bonkers campaign…"

It seems that the end of the world time table is malleable to those who are distracted by more pressing political matters.


I don't call Somerset southern Wales. Because I know better. Now there's 'the south side of Chicago' or 'South Chicago', but there is no 'southern Chicago'. And your bête noire there would be Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam and, except for Donald J. Trump, demagogue without peer. And since I mentioned Wales and our president, I also know there's no Prince of Whales, which he apparently does not:

Bloody foreigners.


Yes Bob, that Greenpeace. Rubber dinghys an' all.

As far as I am concerned, Bob, which isn't very much, then the festering, Dem-induced wreck that is Baltimore is south of the equally shameful (for the Dems) slum that was, is and forever will be Dem-run Chicago.

Well, Bob, being somewhat expected and not totally surprised that you would resort to criticizing misspelled wording. At least he made the right pronunciation.

Corpsman, National Prayer Breakfast, Circa: Feb. 4, 2010.

JK, having a rubber raft doesn't give Charlie a blowhole.

David, and Somerset is what we would politely call 'bucolic'. We would never use SoD's term.

Up2L8, he probably meant what he spelled and was just lucky there was a homophone around to give him plausible deniability. I'll admit to being something of a cad, but not within light years of being as big a cad as Trump. I'm a better speller too.


Puhleeze. What Cummings' daughter did was stupid and wrong, but remember when email security was the greatest threat to Western Civilization?:

And on daughters:

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