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Sunday, 23 June 2019


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That 38 year old woman is in the same league with the lefty couple pictured above. All of their saddles have slipped.

Whether Boing-Boing is bonking who ever crosses his path or not is really irrelevant to whether he would make a passable PM. The history books are full of examples of the fallibility of those who successfully lead governments.

Of course he will. he is a total prat and shouldn't be anywhere near power but he sure will wind up the establishment and he is/was the only contender that would do that.

If he does renege on Brexit or goes the wishy washy route that he seems to be then the conservatives will be wiped out next election, which will likely be next year.

My sister, bless her, sent me a book about a guy who eschewed the traditional methods and went on a binge of raw liver smoothies, amongst other things. He ended up blind in one eye with a peg leg but still defending his POV. I followed the advice of my doctors and here I am, pretty much whole.

Ok that is probably apples and oranges, but still.

Is there anything alternative medicine can't get some people to do? Why would this method of taking coffee make a difference?:

Re 'Trump's somersaults': He also reversed himself, at least temporarily, on a mass deportation over the weekend. Tune in next news cycle and watch 'The President', not to be confused with 'The Apprentice', to see the newest entertaining political conflicts on which Trump has taken opposing sides.

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