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Sunday, 09 June 2019


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Must say that the current occupant of the Vatican is certainly not helping to persuade you to change your opinion.

So Cromwell has been argued over by "obstinate historians" as well? I have recently read that the only dates that matter to English history are 55 BC and 1066 AD. If Cromwell could have seen the current Pope, well, present day historians wouldn't be so obstinate.

Every Western nation has this same problem to one degree or another with the two sides being widely divided. The Left sees injustice every where and so it wants more power to remedy it. The Right sees loss of liberty all around and needs more power to stop it. Social media has become fuel on the fire with Twitter mobs howling after anyone who dares speak anything they don't approve of.

Then came Trump. He is not only a first rate counter puncher but a fair hand at throwing the first punch. This has thrown Democrats of all stripes into bouts of slobbering mindlessness.

A good summary:

At least Michael "The Bastard" Gove, of this Manor, was competent enough to snort cocaine.

Your hero, BoJo, couldn't even manage that - he sneezed and blew his stash out of his nose and all over his fellow cokers! ...

What did we do to deserve this? Oh yes ...



Carpenter isn't a moderate. He's a radical centrist. If 'moderate' has any real meaning, which is doubtful, most US moderates are currently former Republicans driven away by Trumpism. If you're interested this is one of their outlets:

Hmmmn! Not sure if I can work out what "radical centrist' means, Bob, it sounds like an oxymoron to me! However, I have bookmarked 'The Bulwark' and will read it later.

It's Gove, btw, not Grove, type in your post.


Thanks, SoD, for the correction and for managing a comment of only one sentence!

Did Britain already exit the EU on March 29th and no one really noticed?


Radical centrism is a real thing:

"Radical centrists typically borrow ideas from the left, the right, and elsewhere, often melding them together."

It's an attempt to avoid having an honest political conversation and be everything to everyone.

I've just started reading my copy of "The Europe Illusion". Looking good so far.

He's neither Brexit nor Remain, btw. Just an academic shaping and shaving the forcers and forms, colouring in, rounding out, highlighting, shading, deepening.

In other words, striving to grasp at those truths and forms that are unformulateable and unprovable in a logical system, but that are neverthelessare well-formed and true, as proven in a logical system by dear old Godel.

Pure artwork, the greater truth and form, accessible to a mind but not a machine. Not a hint of a whiff of stenchy Marxism, yay!

Feeling nervous, like when someone you know has hit the big time and is competing on the highest stage and you're screaming your lungs out from the touchline.

Let's see how Stuey has done ...


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