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Friday, 07 June 2019


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Chauffeur you say? I guess the old "Bentley" proceeds as expected?

"The only ladies sport I might watch is Brazilian volleyball."

Maybe David, either AussieD or maybe Andra can hook us up with some videos. Australia looks like, may be cooking up some competition.

The old Bentley will be expropriated for the benefit of the proletariat in due course - once the Brexit party has got Jezza elected ...

So make the most of it.

Curtains for Jezza eh? Curtains for Blighty more like, all down to you!


SoD, let's hope the "old chauffeur" is well cared for at least.

G'day JK and Duffers,

Try this for starters

Alas, AussieD, YouTube would not allow it to be played and it sounded, er, interesting!

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