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Saturday, 22 June 2019


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As I understand TBP still top the opinion polls, albeit third and fourth places are somewhat fluid (that's Labour and Conservative btw)
Last I heard TBP had 3000 volunteering to stand for Parliament, with about 200 already vetted. Doubtless they will spend the summer completing the vetting, allocating candidates to seats, getting organised at a local level, and collecting data, with a view to fighting an autumn election. It's the electoral equivalent of the new model army. And once it has's first battle it will no longer be Mr. Farage's party but will take on a life of it's own.
The established parties would probably be well advised to fight an election before TBP are organised, but the Lib-dems haven't the votes, half the Tories still think they can bluff their way past Brexit, Labour haven't got a United view on the matter, so I expect they'll fudge the issue too long and face an organised Brexit party at the next election.

Just watch Laura Kuenssberg eviscerate BoJo on the Beeb ...

"I don't project my private life into my public life, I don't discuss it" he says, to which Laura replies, "So why'd you publish a picture of you and your girlfriend all cuddly-wuddly in a field in Sussex then? You can't have it both ways". No answer, just fluster and bluster, shown to be a hypocrite live to the world, right in your face.

How dumb must he and whoever put him up to publishing a Fluffy Bunnies staged picture be?

Ain't seen nuffing yet, mind. A broader, deeper agony of buffoonery is nearly upon us.


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