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Friday, 05 July 2019


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Eh, David?

Chosen by the people you elected: the heads of state of the 28 (European Council) and the MEP's (European parliament - assuming they ratify).

In Blighty the PM is elected by only 1/650th of the voting population, except for now when the one party state method of operation is adopted, and the cabinet is chosen by the unrepresentative PM.

In the EU's case, as with all functioning democracies, you get the government you deserve.

In Blighty's case, no-one voted for BoJo outside of the Tory party, only the constituents of Maidenhead voted for May, and no-one voted for the cabinet.

Arguably armed revolt would be justified in Blighty in such an undemocratic set-up, not so in the EU.


Nit-picking, JK. We're still in.

And the legislation from Brussels has done us proud since we joined in the mid-1970's. Interestingly the single market was designed by the only competent home-grown administration we've had since then. Brussels knows a winner when it sees one, and Mrs T was it, so they picked it up and ran with it. So we got the best of Blighty's legislation with all the dross filtered out, plus the EU's extra good stuff.

Certainly better than being bankrupt and bailed out by the IMF, which was the case when the Westminster monster last had the full "take back control" of legislation 1945-1975.


David, I watched it and that woman was clearly stunned, lost and grappling for words. Even a woman I admire, Caroline Flint was containing herself. How Loz can support this corrupt EU institution is beyond me. Some Glesga slang about sticking the heid on someone. 1. A Glesga Kiss. 2. Jaggy Bunnet although Jaggy Bunnet can also mean a dose of the clap and my Sgt Major called it a sore toe when handing out the condoms on our days leave.

You would think them something from "Yes Minister" if you didn't know it was actually real life.

That is one neat piece of tearing a second fundamental orifice.

The repression in Catalonia is being carried out by the Catalan authorities, who are experts in projection and playing the victim.
Borrell can be legitimately accused of insider trading and being caught doing it.

It seems to me that all of them likely have further skeletons in their cupboards that are not publicly known.
If so they are open to blackmail, and hence controllable.
Also I have no doubt their respective countries are glad to see the back of them.
They are there to be someone's puppets.

're JKs post. EU law doesn't matter to the EU. They only apply it when it suits. One good reason to want out. Arbitrary government from people who don't keep their promises doesn't appeal.

Funny thing is: -

If the EU went "all the way" and dispensed with the European Council (heads of state of the 28) as the executive body choosing the president and instead had a presidential election, you'd presumably all turn into Remainers? Your claims of the EU being undemocratic because Junck-the-Drunk wasn't chosen by you personally thus dispelled you'd be queuing up to put your x in the box.

I on the other hand would become a Brexiteer. Because electing the president of the EU would be the surest sign that the EU had moved from being a treaty or loose confederacy, with all the negotiating, bargaining, horse-trading between the 28 heads of state that goes with it, to a full blown federation.

The duopoly that ensures the 1st estate (EU) and 2nd estate (28 states) battle it out and thereby reveal their negligence and incompetence and keep each other honest for the 3rd estate (you, me, Pierre, Hans, et al) would be gone.

Moving to your preferred federal system would weaken the 28 states and strengthen the federal state of the EU, which is not something I want.


"Moving to your preferred federal system would weaken the 28 states and strengthen the federal state of the EU, which is not something I want."

You just don't get it SoD! We don't care. We will have left and they can do what they like.

As per usual, SoD, our senior officer, BOE, puts it neatly and succinctly - we just want to be OUT! After that, they can do what they like and more important, we can do as we like!

Loz, all we need is a trade deal. The EU Parliament should be disbanded. Did you ever wonder how the human race managed to plod along without unnecessary politicians.

Boris Johnson has pledged to "roll back the influence of the state" and scrap European Union rules stopping the Government from backing British businesses if he becomes Prime Minister.

Can anyone see the huge contradiction in the above statement?


Lawrence, I have deleted your last line and I do not intend to edit your comments ever again. Anymore four-letter words and I will just wipe your entire comment. For God's sake, grow up!

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