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Saturday, 27 July 2019


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The sentence is for showing up the powers that be.

I remember the arguments made by the late 'Anna Raccoon' who destroyed 'Nick's' fiction on her site, but was ignored by the PTB. RIP Anna you have been vindicated,

Ian J

Ian, thank you for that reminder of one of the very best bloggers on the net.

It is not only in the UK that "the meeja" seem to be on site when a police raid goes down so that the process can make the evening news. Happens down here too.

The organizers of said raids will have blood on their hands when some poor Constable walks into a 12 gauge because someone in "the meeja" just happens to mention the tip off to someone else who passes it on to the villains.

Operational security of information seems an alien concept.

David, I reckon the left were revelling on this witch hunt againt the so called establishment. Ted Heath actually did one of the best deals with the trade unions during the early seventies when he gave wage increases in line with inflation.

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