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Tuesday, 23 July 2019


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Has a shared resemblance to Alfred E. Neuman.

"that's the problem with getting older, one by one my illusions are shattered!"

It used to be a truism that as you got older, the cops looked younger . Now they also look like Equality and Diversity coordinators.

the cops looked younger . Now they also look like Equality and Diversity coordinators.

So true. Down here in the Peoples Republic of Victoriastan [also occasionally referred to as the State of Victoria] there has been an increasing frequency of robberies in stores selling computers and phones. The villains are "yoofs of colour" who race in en masse, rip all the goodies off shelves, and then "decamp in an [here insert point of compass]direction Your Honour"

The Victoria Police answer is to increase the number of patrols in the big shopping centre so that the "yoofs" can be chased and apprehended. Our local TV showed one of these patrols and it consisted of one male [average height], one female [short enough to pass under a limbo bar without bending, one female of average build and yet another female who would have made Dumbo look anorexic and who I feel would probably at top speed be considered to be wobbling along.

What happened to the six foot coppers of my youth, one of whom restored me to polite society by giving me a clip over the ears [justly deserved might I add]?

On viewing the photo of the Deputy Commissioner of Baltimore I had a similar reaction to Uptol8

"An organizational chart of the Baltimore Police Department shows that Murphy is the deputy commissioner of the Compliance Bureau. He's responsible for overseeing the department's consent decree compliance, CNN affiliate WBAL reported"

The muggers were not in compliance at that moment.

G'day Whitewall.

What perchance is the Compliance Bureau?

This is a description:

Long story short, "the community" means certain people who need so much policing that extra measures must be taken to ensure the group feelings of the "community" are not bruised by the need for so much extra policing.

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