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Saturday, 13 July 2019


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Absolute garbage.

Trump and his administration don't give a flying fig about Blighty. Boing-Boing will quickly be made to look like a fool (more of a fool) if he embraces Trump and let's Trump choose the next US senior diplomat.

It's time to face facts: Blighty needs to dump America. The "Special" relationship is over. Trump doesn't have globalist, multilateral tendencies obviously, but he's also a sociopath when it comes to bilateralism: he's got no one-on-one friends either.

And that's because he's completely unreliable, unpredictable and untrustworthy. No relationship on any level can be formed with him or the US in this mode. The damage will be permanent. The US will not recover from this cataclysm. Trump has dissolved "the West" and not replaced it with bilaterals, all his "deals" remain unclosed.

In fact a solidarity against America by the remnants of the West is the wisest way forward now. A rules based system. A system where Blighty has a voice by right and due process. A predictable player. An institution that Blighty has helped to shape.

And you know who that is.

Alternatively (the only other alternative), if Blighty eschews them both and advances alone into the big bad world with Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks to the fire, God help us. We'll be the inevitable beggars at the door of the EU or US sooner or later, and as was the case in 1975, we'll get a good deal from the EU again. Better than the shafting Trump's got in store for us, that's for sure.


And as if by magic the Graun weighs in ...

Trump's eschewing of multilateralism has destroyed the West and his bilateralism has failed to make America great again.

Trump broadcast his philosophy on deal-making ages ago: The only good deal is one where I win and you lose. Win-win not in his vocabulary. So only a fool would make a deal with Trump. Kim didn't, Juncker didn't, the Mad Mullahs won't, Putin didn't, because although you may criticize them for many things they're not fools. Hence why Trump's bilateralism has failed. If I was his sales manager I'd be saying, "Not only have you not made target, but you've not even closed one deal! You're fired!"

But in marches Boing-Boing to save Trump's bacon. Boing-Boing will make a deal with Trump, ergo, Boing-Boing is a fool and will make a fool out of Blighty. With one "I win, you lose" deal closed up on the board, the sales manager might just keep him on.

Make America Weak Again couldn't be a better tagline in a world of non-fools (minus one) and an "I win, you lose" strategy. Because strong though America is, It isn't as strong as the rest of the world put together, and by uniting the rest of the world against you you secure only your own downfall.


Of course, the "rest of the world" isn't put together, is it? Which just about scuppers your whole argument.

Not now it isn't, but it is being put together by the very forcing of Trump.

By taking a look at the strategic map of Europe circa 1792/3 you might deceive yourself into thinking that taking on all-comers is do-able. France surrounded on all fronts by foreign powers and domestic threats and with no friends, clockwise from 12: Blighty in Flanders, Austria and Prussia along the Rhine and in the Alps, Blighty in the South of France, Spain coming over the Pyrenees, the Vendée on fire. Yet the army of lawyers beat them all, because they weren't co-ordinated, as you describe.

But look at the same map 23 years later. It doesn't look that different, clockwise from 12: Blighty and Prussia in Flanders, Austrians and Russians along the Rhine and in the Alps, Blighty and Spain coming over the Pyrenees. And yet this time it was different. The Duke of Boot knew he could rely on Blucher to come to his aid at Waterloo. Trust, friendship, co-ordination were present where once they were not. And that was the end of "Make France Great Again".

You could draw the same maps in your mind 1939 / 45 and in the "downfall by arrogant overreach" of any empire that has ever existed, of course.

I could say "Don't do it, America", but it's too late. The die is cast. Your doom is sealed.

Like Poland in the Napoleonic Wars siding with France and being dismembered at the downfall, I just pray that Boing-Boing doesn't shackle Blighty to the US and take us down with you.


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