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Saturday, 06 July 2019


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Y'all must be getting bored with Brexit, the way we're getting bored with Trump no matter how "outrageous" he acts. You might try a drinking game. When one of your pols or pundits focuses on one of the following, drink a beer:

the future

If one of these words is included, follow up with at least one shot of whiskey per occurance:


Let us know how it goes.


The EU prime tactic is to delay and delay until everyone gets tired and goes home leaving the UK in the EU.

There will be no deal until the EU is hit with a firm no deal exit if an agreement is not reached. Since a no deal exit hurts them as,bad as the UK, they will suddenly be willing to accept a realistic deal.

If no deal is not firmly the default option there will never be an exit agreement.

And some in the UK support the EU stratagy.

But of course, they will not be "eternal", they will be exceedingly troublesome but we have been through such periods before, many a time and oft', and eventually come out the other side in pretty good order.

When, exactly?

The self-inflicted decline and fall of Blighty between 1945-75 was resolved by membership of the EU and Thatcher's single market rules and regs constraining Westmonster.

The 1975-today period Blighty was in the EU, so no evidence there either.

When exactly has such a self-recovery occurred in Blighty's post-empire world outside of the EU?


Since a no deal exit hurts them as,bad as the UK, they will suddenly be willing to accept a realistic deal.

It doesn't hurt them as much as us.

The proportions of their GDP exported and imported to Blighty are smaller than Blighty's exported and imported to them. So the impact of tariffs and diverging rules, regulations and standards will damage and disrupt Blighty's supply and sales chains far worse than the EU's.

The EU won't have 70+ trade deals to renegotiate from a weaker position as a smaller state.

And most importantly: The EU won't have Dad's Army and the Bolsheviks running the show.


SoD, you still don't get it, do you? It's nothing to do with trade deals and commerce. It is all to do with "Qui dominatur?" - who rules?

Dodging the question, Gaffer?

Where's that example of post-empire Blighty self-recovering via Westmonster from a decline and / or fall that wasn't on account of membership of the EU and Mrs T's single market legacy?

Sorry, didn't quite catch your answer?


Of course in the event of gaining independence pure and simple we will no longer be liable to prop up the Eurozone. Which is estimated to cost 2-400 bn. Euro- a currency that we cannot print. One may well ask why British governments have offered to underwrite the Euro, a currency that we declined to use.
I suppose there may be some who think that Italy is rock solid and that Deutsche Bank cannot fail. Could they please post here, I have a fine bridge and I'm looking for a buyer.
The EU plan is to place obstacles in the way of small businesses in order to protect big ones. That is what the rules of the single market are for, which is why the CBI thinks it wonderful- it's small businesses and consumers that suffer. They don't want small businesses growing across the channel nor consumers benefitting, it might drive their citizens into revolt. BTW should some version of the WA go through expect the rules of the single market to be adjusted to place obstacles in the way of all British businesses.
Another purpose is to protect European business from overseas competition via the common external tarrif. This at a cost to EU consumers.The policy also makes it difficult to persuade non EU states to lower their tarrifs, reducing the ability of EU business to sell worldwide. That is why EU trade deals take five times as long to negotiate than ones not involving that body, and why the deals are less effective than others. The last thing the EU wants is a global trading nation on its doorstep- again it might make their natives restless.
Another desire of the EU is of course money. Why we should pay to trade with the EU when we can trade with anyone else for free is a mystery.
Of course they also find it handy to have a neighbouring economy generating jobs for people they are unable to employ, and hence remittances to people in poor EU countries. That's the bit I don't mind- so long as the people that come do work and do fit in as most migrants of European origin do.
They are of course determined that the ordinary EU citizen has no say in any of this, hence power is continuously acquired and retained by a self selecting oligarchy.
The only deal we should entertain with the EU would be limited to low, if possible zero, tariffs and mutual acceptance of standards (no realistic chance of that, it would destroy the single market)
They have nothing else that we want. And should they decide to impose tariffs on the small proportion of our exports that actually go to the EU we can easily more than make up the difference elsewhere- the world's a big place, easily accessible by use of container ships, and Antarctica is the only part growing more slowly than the EU.
The so called no deal option is the only one that gives us a chance of thriving, and gives us the only chance of actually getting a beneficial deal out of the EU.

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