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Friday, 19 July 2019


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"Hate speech" is any speech the Left hates. Or has no answer for. Same for "racism". Both are shield words to stifle others. Hate crime, hate speech is a means to hate thought. The Left is gaining control of the language for now. It will end. Trump is the start and the Right has had enough of Leftist double standards. We are beginning to take the field.

This phenomenon is all over the Western world and will have to be stopped. Leftism is like typhoid if left unchecked.

What Whitewall said.

Same down here. The "social activists" call anything said that they don't like "hate speech".

It is generally a pretty good indicator that whatever you are saying is hitting on or near the truth and they have no rational counter.

The original tweet by Trump was not racist. In the last sentence he asks them to come back. Those women deliberately put themselves on the stage. What is all this crap about people of colour! Does this exclude white people?

What goes round comes round. The Democrat campaign against white people will turn round and bite them in the ass. I look forward to a similar situation arising in the UK.

As is usually the case - Mr. McCarthy puts it most pithily.

JK, thanks for the link to the ever-excellent Mr. McCarthy at The National Review which I visit almost daily so how I missed that one, I do not know!

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