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Wednesday, 24 July 2019


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It's a bot.



the russians

Jeremy Corbyn resigns.

It's Shrillary looking for her lost e-mails

If your stat counter David, is registering 'Tennessee USA' I can just about guarantee your lurker is State Farm Insurance.

Nah worries David, my best guess is State Farm is looking to see whether "everything on the D&N internet" is believable.

Yoohoo State Farm - Print that out and pass it around! My guess is you'll be 'doing' the [What]#MeToo too.

I'll explain David somewhat more or less certainly about a year from now. What it is is, some folks are searching for social meadia.

(Like the way I spelled media above?)


"He's back again"

Maybe you're talking about Michael "the Bastard" Gove, of this manor, still in the cabinet!

Is that man a latter-day Talleyrand, or what?

A wise employment by BoJo of the adage, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"?

Or should he reflect that you have to be up close and personal to wield a knife? A clumsy pike 18 feet away is much easier to parry.


Wiltshire Plod. Compiling their case against another lynchpin in the Hard Far Right Hate not Hope Conspiracy

SoD, wotsabot?

It's a piece of software on the internet that visits all the web sites and indexes their content for its own purposes, like google search for example ...

You experience them in the logs like they were a visitor to D&N, which they are, it's just they're an automatic software visitor rather than a human one.

If you look at the visitor logs and copy paste the address that the bot is referred to as into the comments here I might be able to work out which company, google, Microsoft, or whoever, it actually is.


Alas, SoD, they never leave an address. I only spot them by the fact that my visitor stats roar upwards and that they click on old, some very old, posts.

But also, how come they have only just started when this, er, distinguished blog has been droning for Britain for over ten years?

Might be a new bot doing its stuff.

It might be that some ranty lefty linked to those old posts from an article or comment in a, dare I say it, more recognized source, like the BBC or other MSM site. You know the sort of thing, "Look at this old fascist gobshite comrades, link, that's what I'm talking about, up against the wall come the revolution, eh?" type thing. The bots start of with a bit of a priori knowledge imparted to them by their programmers: a list of top level MSM sites. They then graze off the links from those sites to get to other sites, and rinse and repeat the process on them, etc., to crawl their way around the interbollock.

You remember that young tit called Alfie who got whacked about by the coppers a while back? I seem to recall you were inundated with lefty trolls after someone linked an article from an MSM site to your post on the subject - a post that had a tone of "He had it coming, young tit" about it? Probably an article like that.

I seem to remember that as a result of these cross links from MSM sites your Google rating was very high for an amatuer (you what? ... Ed) blogger, around 5/10. An SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friend of mine was quite impressed and asked how you'd done it. "By being an old fascist gobshite" :-) I replied, to which he said, "Mmm, not sure how that'll go down with the board at Vodafone".


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