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Thursday, 18 July 2019


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We warned them -Dems and uniparty Repubs- a few years ago that the Tea Party was a serious thing. We were ignored. Our response was 2016 and Trump. They have "chosen the form of their destructor".

Poor Phil Carpenter does not have enough actual Democrats to work with. He is not used to dealing with a Republican who fights back. Guys like Phil no longer run the party. The "progressive" left does. That party is no longer capable or even fit to govern actual Americans. They want to rule illegals like this is even possible. American "Progressives" are simply offering communism for slow learners. The Left is not able to deal with an opponent who understands them and makes them reveal themselves. It takes a 'Trump'.

The "squad" or whatever they call themselves only represent 4 lefty districts, despite what Trump operators and the screeching heads on cable news would like everyone to believe. Functionally, they're not even close to the equivalent of the Tea Party. The fact that the impeachment bill was defeated by a House majority including a large majority of Democrats yesterday is an indicator of where the party stands. The most visible radical on the scene is Trump. Despite the dopey media narrative and Republican political shop spin, around 60% of the public isn't fooled.

Carpenter is stuck in the 1990s. He sees anyone who isn't a radical centrist as some type of far left populist. The radical center gave us the Clintons and helped put Trump in office nearly as much as the Tea Party.

Speaking of da "goils":

I'll give them credit for becoming the face of the Democrat Party. It's hard to find anything to dislike about that if you value liberty, personal responsibility and accountability, borders, language, culture, rule of law that protects unalienable rights, and a vision of how all people, not just the Permanent Political Class, can prosper and truly pursue happiness. I hope they keep getting lots and lots of face time and continue to expose the Democrat agenda for the Marxist/socialist/all powerful big government monstrosity that it is.

In any rate, many are saying that President Trump taking on the Squad was dumb and unhelpful, but they honestly say he wasn't racist when he did it. Looking at it from a dispassionate and objective view, however, I think again he may be dumb like a fox. Pelosi et al were in the process of distancing themselves from the Squad and their indefensible and often really ignorant rhetoric when the Twitter war started. And immediately all the Democrat factions in their eagerness to trash the President went to the Squad's defense. And voila, they are now all unified in sanctioning and supporting the Squad in that indefensible and ignorant rhetoric. And the Squad is now the face of the Democrat Party.

The President may indeed have been brilliant.

David, you the least bit familiar with Louisiana's Senator Kennedy?

He had this to say in describing the 'goils'

"They're the reason there's instructions on shampoo bottles."

(He's also the same guy who, after the Mueller report came out described the Democrats generally, "Now they don't know what to do and are all just running around like they found a hair on their biscuit.")

JK, he is, finally, a decent Kennedy!

David, pardon the grammatical error. It's early over here. In fact, just excuse any future writing mistake on that basis.

CNN's Acosta fellow aghast (as usual) asks "Aren't you concerned you'll offend somebody?"

Trump says, "..."

May God give strength to Trump's arm.

As Lincoln said when "never-Granters" came to him to complain of his new commander's vices and shortcomings:

"I cannot spare this man. He fights!"

Looks like the Reds are converging:

Whitewall, if Corbyn obtains power you can expect him to try and isolate Israel with sanctions. He would use our military to try and implement this. It could be possible that our military are facing US military. Corbyn is a dedicated person and worse of all a fanatic who can calmly smile at you.

Well well well.

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