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Tuesday, 23 July 2019


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David, we can dig for Britain if required and make the home brew!

Duffers I was only ever a drunken sailor while I was on the Lower Deck. Once commissioned as a "gentleman" I was only tired and emotional.

The origin of the saying is said to be from the 1700s and 1800s when sailors could be at sea for weeks and months at a time. When they came ashore and received their pay the first inclination was often to head to the nearest tavern to "refresh" themselves.

Aussie D. I recall the Navy Shore Patrol in Gibralter taking us squaddies back to the barracks. They did say they were unavailable the following two nights as the Navy were in town and the boys were celebrating their release! Apparently only five were banged up in the nick and their ship sailed.

I for one never myself, nor, anyone I knew of on a Navy ship ever found himself drunken.

Nor for that matter, spending in a less than judicious manner.

For once David, I'm clueless.


(Somerset needing a bridge David?)

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