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Friday, 26 July 2019


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That's a rather generous take on this lady, a lot more generous than I'd be.

Hastings writes some interesting books but please do not accept them as 'history'. Think of Victor comics in the 60's and you won't go far wrong.

Can one of the "cousins" provide a short and simple explanation how someone can be appointed to the highest court in the nation for life. Perhaps Justice Ginsberg at 86 is as sharp as a tack but what happens if an incumbent gets a serious dose of mental instability like Alzheimers?

Down here on our High Court you get the DCM [Don't come Monday] at age 70 just to try and ensure that those who sit on our highest court are not several sheep short of a flock in the top paddock.

AussieD, I guess the simplest explanation might be that "lifetime" lessens the constant political campaigning a prospective nominee might do, or, a pol might do.

Thanks Whitewall.

Given what we see of the nomination process that makes a lot of sense.

Bill, alas, I missed "Victor" comics. I am a 'Hotspur' and 'Wizard' man. Yeeeeeeeees, quite, I'm that old!

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