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Saturday, 27 July 2019


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So Sherelle is writing Boris is "[F]orming a serious no-deal Cabinet and bellowing for the “abolition” of the backstop from the despatch box."

Methinks she's to be my MDS too David. But this time David I notice you've not put in your usual, wanting her to have babies and since you've not - stand aside man, I'll take over from here at sending her mailed invitations.

In other news:

Mayhaps Boris is in possession of 'a better deal' than simply a no deal?

JK, sometimes David probably needs a rest. Only so many "Dufflets" can be allowed in the gene pool.

As for Brexit, Great Britain is a net payer to the system, so why would the EUrats make it easy for them to go?

The parallels are many:

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