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Wednesday, 31 July 2019


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Popular culture will creep into the Royal Family like a virus. It became maddening under Harry's late Mother.

Well said!

They are thick, both of them.

- Implicitly criticised William and Kate for their three(?)
- Implicitly criticised every family in the country with 2+kids
- Don't they know that the ideal number of kids for the demographic survival of a society is three? - and the more the merrier.

Send them off to Africa and see what they say about the birthrate there...

Off-topic but as this morning's briefing may be of interest:

NightWatch (Persian Gulf)

"A maritime security coalition is forming slowly. The US has formally asked Germany to join France and Britain in a mission to secure the Strait of Hormuz and to combat Iranian aggression, the US Embassy in Berlin said on 30 July."

"This week, the UK announced the arrival of the destroyer HMS Duncan (D37) in the Persian Gulf. HMS Duncan joins the frigate HMS Montrose (F236). The UK government said HMS Montrose has escorted 34 UK ships in the past week."

"On 30 July, South Korea announced it is shifting its anti-piracy destroyer to the Gulf to escort South Korean shipping. The ship will cooperate with US navy assets."

"TASS reported on the 29th that Russia circulated at the UN a concept paper on collective security in the Gulf. Iran said that Russia and Iran have agreed to conduct joint naval drills in the northern Indian Ocean but did not specify a date."

"Comment: The Iranian actions to harass and disrupt shipping in the Strait of Hormuz risk becoming a strategic blunder. Eventually, the maritime and naval powers always react strongly to shipping threats, usually for economic reasons. For example, the insurance rates for shipping in the Gulf have increased ten-fold since Iranian harassment began."

"Iran has no standing in admiralty law or the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea to declare that maritime security is Iran’s responsibility. Russia’s is playing the role of spoiler and has no naval assets that it can commit to a maritime security coalition."

"The anti-piracy coalition off the Somali coast formed slowly, but it succeeded in essentially ending the piracy threat. It was fairly easy to form a coalition to fight pirates, who have been the enemy of international trade for more than two thousand years."

"For political reasons, it is more difficult to form a security coalition against Iran. Nevertheless, the patrol ships and combatants are assembling. The three anti-piracy task forces that operated against the Somali pirates are a foundation for international cooperation in the Strait of Hormuz region."

"The major naval powers do not yet agree on the need for an anti-Iranian piracy task force or a Strait of Hormuz maritime security task force. China, other European states and India have been major actors in the Somali anti-piracy task force. Thus far, they consider the incidents a US, UK and European problem, though the Indian Navy usually stations one frigate in the Persian Gulf."

"We judge that one more serious ship attack or seizure in the Strait involving Iran will cause the components of a coordinated security effort to coalesce. The maritime powers will not allow Iran to control shipping in the Strait of Hormuz."

Hmmm ...

May be there's some complicating 'Syria-something' factor going on bolloxing matters re that I put up above.


You up-to-speed on how us [US] and Turkey are in abit of a tiff?

If not the short version is Turkey purchased the Russian S-400 surface to air missile system causing us to stop their getting F-35s. Complicating that fuss is, when the geniuses in Washington DC were figuring a way to pay for the expected cost-overruns to such a, well it helps to understand that in the last 20 or so years of our 'major ticket defense acquisitions' what was supposed to be "the defense dividend" we were supposedly gonna be getting from the end of the Cold War didn't quite work out as Washington DC advertised - actually what happened was the opposite - defense spending skyrocketed.

Anyway ... In another episode of our DC Genius Think what they did was, farm out contracts. And that worked pretty good until we dreamed up what promised to be a trillion dollar acquisition project. And funding that boondoggle project looked to "break the bank" so what we did was, rather than just share contracts within our domestic suppliers we farmed our foreign-source contracts.

Such as Turkey.

And then the Arab Spring sprang. And then the Sunnis remembered they never really liked the Alawites anyway and rather than deal with the storm that Tunisian fruit peddler lit across the Sunni world when he set fire to himself the Sunni autocrats exported their in-country tumult to Syria. And Syria sits right smack dab across the Bosphorus from Turkey.

Then Turkey shot down a Russian Sukhoi. But the Turkish Geniuses brainstormed that, rather than getting all its allies mad at 'em by invoking an Article 5 they'd just play a little footsie with the two countries interested in propping up the Alawites - Russia and Iran in this case.

And things went, promptly to hell.

Currently the Turks are threatening to attack east of the Euphrates which is where their eons-long nemesis the Kurds reside. Unfortunately, where the east of the Euphrates Kurds are that's also where what troops the US does have in Syria, also unfortunately, are.

At any rate David rather than go into a full blown explication of how fucked up the respective Geniuses geniused us all into let us just agree what we got on our hands is a clusterfuck.

And then when Syrian refugee Wave 2.0 runs up against Eastern Europe we'll all have Clusterfuck 2.0.


Not "defense dividend."

"Peace Dividend" is how I shoulda typed it.

I couldn't give a damn about these Royal people.
They seem to be breeding like rabbits.

Whitewall, is there anyone in the USA that can advise Nancy Pelosi that the Irish Republic did not support the fight against Hitler and that tens of thousands of USA troops trained in British Northern Ireland for the D Day Landings?

Jimmy, she wouldn't believe it.

Prince Harry is a typical Rupert.

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