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Thursday, 04 July 2019


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We regulars just told all the others on the locked ward, and they logged on too.

I think maybe all my friends in low places have finally gone online and heeded my advice to read D&N. They each take a turn at reading a word.

Take comfort in that no one will ever surpass you in trolling PM Carpenter's blog.

"Trolling", Bob? Do you mean offering up alternative and usually humorous opinions not in line with the sensitive Phil Carpenter and his hysterical supporters - including, dare I remind you?, PeterG!

The Milborne Port Parish Magazine may have a bigger circulation, but does it have the Monday Funnies?

Uncle Mort:

Where do you think he gets them from?

I noticed this post earlier David but I figured you'd be more interested in me giving you a fuller explanation. Anyway I called a pal of mine works for Google - she says "The reason David's is getting all the hits is 'for whatever goldurn reason us former colonials were thinking if there was one place an English fellow might be expected to've put up a post congratulating us for overthrowing tyranny it'd be David Duff' our figures clearly show apparent disappointment because although D&N has been severally landed on very few lingered."

Happy Independence Day anyway David - still you ought to've written something especial.

Here ya go David, mebbe this'll keep 'em lingering:

I'm amazed. I thought there were about a dozen of us, tops.

G'day JK

There is a Betsy Ross flag hanging in an establishment I often frequent to discuss the meaning of life and everything.

We raised a glass to it last night [4th July our time]

You were remembered in one part of the Empire at least.

Whitewall, maybe they should read a sentence and that the USA should become part of the UK with our Queen being the heid bummer. Donald could be our financial advisor.

Jimmy, you're up late ?

Patience Jimmy patience.

Let's allow Bob his full eight years worth of heartburn shall we? Y'all just take care for a proper Brexit an' I'm certain y'all'll get a helluva deal.

Aye AussieD, I was readin' a fair bit of your press earlier and was right proper gratified. Fulsome appreciation.

Whitewall, I am enjoying staying up late and enjoying the political news especially the mixed news about the Donald. He has Scots blood in his veins and that is a plus for the USA. We have political nonentities here in the UK who take the taxpayers money and crawl to the EU Mafia. HOPE our descendants do not have to ask the Yanks to invade Europe again. A

Jimmy, I know what you mean. The Scots Irish American was "Born Fighting". A good book.

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