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Wednesday, 03 July 2019


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I notice Frau Merkel is seemingly very frail and weak lately. She is doing the old European "rope a dope" warning about "dark forces" rising in Europe. She should know, she looks at it in the mirror everyday. She needs to be gone.

Hong Kong will get ugly before much longer. There are twin evils on the march in the world today: Communism and Islam. Anyone who opposes either or both is branded "dark forces" or some Orwellian nitwittery.

The EU and Merkel seem to think it a good idea to learn nothing and forget nothing. The CCP is similarly inclined.
Both projects will ultimately fail. The question is how much misery will they cause in the process.
Islam is likewise dying. It has survived this long by keeping Muslims ignorant. Muslims are learning to read, have access to YouTube etc. One by one they are seeing holes in the belief system. Again the question is how much damage will Islam do before it dies. Wounded beasts are dangerous!

The Swiss will just confuse them with their knives.

I live in hope that Boris will become prime minister on Jully 31st. On August 1st, having checked that all our enemies have gone on holiday, he will announce we have left! No one can stop us. Parliament is on holiday, so they don't get a say. By Sept 1st, when the shit hits the fan, he will have got his government up and running.

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