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Tuesday, 30 July 2019


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"Reclaim the power" - a whole new meaning off topic ...

A new federal Constitution for Blighty? Leave the old Wright brothers' string bag in a museum and jump on a brand new Dreamliner?

Now where did you hear that first? Bloody plagiarism, I tell you.

After all this time I might even switch allegiance - what could be better than answering, "Where are you from?" with, "The FUK"?


Those female protesters need a good rogering by a man without using plastic and batteries.

They have obviously never heard the expression "time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted".

You volunteering Jimmy?

"Activists" means leftists. Young and ignorant.

Jimmy, control yourself, you're in danger of sinking to SoD's level!

The JPF and the PFJ go at it hammer and tongs ...


Go ahead Jimmy.

As my dear old, God bless him, Granda advised an Uncle of mine (within earshot of me) "Well just lookin' at the both of them from here I'd say 'Go with the two bagger'" (That may be a Scots thing so any o' y'all not knowing ...

And now we've got the JPPF (Judean People's Popular Front - "he's over there!") ...

So the hard Brexit fraternity is split between HMG, BP, and ERG. Boing-Boing has no majority to do anything, nor would any of the other hard Brexit factions. And then there's the May's deal and Norway++ Brexit factions.

You're ducked, me old sunshine!


My lawyers, Sue, Grabbit and Runne, have been consulted ...

Plagiarism is a serious matter.


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