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Friday, 12 July 2019


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the 'Memsahib' might be conducting an inspection shortly.

And a "wifely" inspection makes the most fastidious CPO/RSM look slovenly.

I regard the dust in my "study" as the glue that holds everything together. Sort of a patina I guess...

When you find John Stuart Mill "On Liberty" somewhere on the shelves, try giving that a once-over refresher.

I think you need it.


Great day 12th July to commemorate the Glorious Revolution in Britain has been ignored by most British politicians who just line their pockets.

According to the Brief Condensed History of England I am laughing my way through, the Glorious Revolution brought that Dutchy "Williamanmary" to the Throne with limited bother. Maybe that is why the date is ignored?

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