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Wednesday, 10 July 2019


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A long and interesting looking read for later today, but just a bit from the first few paragraphs..."the French Republic and its contradictory catchphrase of “liberty, equality, fraternity” destroyed and replaced the pre-Revolutionary French legal order."

Contradictory is right! Politicians all over the West are trying to sell 'equality' as something that, by itself, is a noble goal to solve all evils. Liberty and equality do not coexist very well side by side. Equality is almost anathema to quality. Equality is also a threat to liberty.

The never ending struggle between power and freedom. Or today, the Elites vs. the Normals.

Exactly so, Whiters, because the only equality worth fighting for is equality before the law - as the late Sir Edward understood.

David, precisely! There are 3 "equalities"....born equal in the eyes of God, when dead we are equally dead, but it is that 'before the law' part that often eludes us.

To sell the concepts of Western ideals, pols sell 'liberty' to the upper classes and the middle classes. They sell 'equality' to the lower classes. The belief systems that sell equality are well known but the true nature of these systems are rarely understood by the lower classes. Conflict follows.

Around the same time, 13th century, the Euro-nobles went one step further and started electing their king ...

Had to wait another 4 centuries for democracy in Blighty.

Probably one reason why the new HRE, the EU, is more democratic than Blighty: they got off to an earlier start.


And the Jerries were at it long before Magna Carta and the Electors with their Jerry Folksmoot. The Anglo-Saxon's brought to Blighty to become the Witan, and which has Nige and the Country-Bumpkins getting all lip-wobbly at its mere mention ...

See, we're all Krauts really, and the penchant for Democracy, Parlez-ment, and Droites all comes from Europe.

Without the Anglo-Saxon, Norman, and Viking Nordo-Kraut immigrants and cultural injection we'd all still be taking orders from Jimmy Glesga backed up with his Claymore.


Here we go, wiki's got an entry for the Folksmoot ...

The Anglo-Saxon folkmoot (Old English folcgemōt, "folk meeting"; Middle English folkesmōt; modern Norwegian folkemøte) was analogous, the forerunner to the witenagemōt and a precursor of the modern Parliament of the United Kingdom.

Ve haff veys of bringen sie rechts und democracy.


Loz, the Claymore is not what we democrats use in modern Scotland. We prefer the ballot box and accept the result although some do not and prefer the Claymore to beat the heid in of those who do not vote as they would. You would like them!

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